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The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be a day of love and roses with your significant other. Who wouldn’t love getting in the spirit of the holiday with the people that are always there for us — the girls! One of my favorite ways to spread love is Galentine’s Day. Coined by “Parks and Recreation” character Leslie Knope, the Feb. 13th holiday is the perfect excuse to celebrate your gals! Now more than ever, the need to feel connected to your friends is critical. Apart from sending your girls some chocolates and cards, take the next step to make this year’s Galentine’s Day as special as possible. 

Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and get ready to have your movie night. Using Teleparty, you and your friends can have your beloved movie night all from the comfort and safety of your own homes. Are we watching Bring it On (obviously Fight to the Finish)? Mean Girls? Titanic? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE? Any chick-flick you’ve seen three or four-dozen times will do. 

Powerpoint Party

If you have Tik Tok, then you definitely know the rage that are Powerpoint parties. The rules are simple: everyone must present a 3-minute presentation (give or take, I know we can get carried away) on something they are passionate about. The more out-of-the-box, the better. Think conspiracy theories you can’t help but get behind, ranking your friends’ choices in dating partners, listing what household objects each friend reminds you of, why you believe a hot dog is most definitely a sandwich, the possibilities are endless. Have everyone create their own PowerPoint on a topic of choice and present them to each other! To add some spice, vote who’s the best and offer a prize, may I suggest this huge teddy bear?

Cooking Party
The Lala

Zoom cooking classes have been popping up more and more recently. Celebrate with your friends by making a festive brunch or dinner and having a virtual dinner party! Find Galentine’s inspired meals, like this Heart-Shaped Pizza, send everyone a list of ingredients and all supplies beforehand and get to cooking! Nothing gets me more excited than a pink mocktail. I suggest rimming the cup with some pop rocks too!


Whoever said they didn’t NEED something sweet after their meal is totally lying to you. Get on your baker’s hat and whip up something as sweet as the girls you’re celebrating with. Try making this Sweet Heart Cake on Zoom together. For those who want a bit of a simpler activity, try buying store-bought cookies to decorate — I suggest pink frosting, red and white sprinkles and of course, some edible glitter. 

If you’re feeling competitive, start your own bake-off. Have everyone make the creation and use the voting tool on Zoom to pick the best creation!

Spa Night

We all need a little T.L.C. nowadays, and what better way to aid in some self-love than to have a spa night. Have everyone grab their favorite face mask, their O.P.I. color of choice, some cucumbers, of course, and light some candles; my favorite one is this. Enjoy your own spa day together on a video call and catch up on what’s new!

Gift Exchange

Who doesn’t want chocolate? And I mean, lots of chocolate??? Solve your cravings by hosting a Galentine’s Gift Exchange. Think Secret Santa part 2, should I say, Confidential Cupid?! DrawNames, my favorite site, easily randomizes who gets who! Ship your treats over and open them together on Zoom. 

What are you waiting for? Send those invites, put on your favorite pair of pink PJs and fuzzy slippers, forward that Zoom link and get ready for the best virtual Galetine’s celebration yet.

Julia Karten

Northwestern '23

Julia is a Northwestern sophomore from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, studying journalism, political science, and psychology. In her free time, she loves to bake, dance, spend time outdoors with friends, keep up with the latest breaking and pop culture news, and drink lots of iced coffee!
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