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Top Elite Athletes To Follow On Insta

It’s easy to get caught up on Insta looking at food and fashion and memes, but elite athletes give you major inspiration to keep up your resolutions, whether it be in health and fitness or career goals. While some Instagram accounts focus on losing weight, these ladies are all about being strong and the best you can be, while keeping the balance of a normal life. Here is the round-up of the top elite athletes you should follow for all your #goals.


Quincy Davis

This pro surfer has model-worthy shots on and off her board, and will leave you ready for summer to be back so you can sprawl on the beach like she does 24/7.

Allyson Felix

Two-time Olympic silver medalist and total badass Allyson Felix has amazing action shots and tons of photos of her training, interspersed with support for progressive measures like “The Future is Female.”

Sloane Stephens

At only 23 years old, Sloane is killing it in her career with her four singles wins on the WTA Tour, but keeps it playful with cute snapchat filters and yummy food pics.

Michelle Wie

As a pro-golfer, you might expect a serious athlete. But Michelle has great humor to supplement her skill that makes her feed both fun to scroll through and a source of major inspiration.

Genevieve Lacaze

She may not be American, but this platinum blonde Aussie is well worth a follow between her crazy athleticism and cute fashion.

Lakey Peterson

Okay, so surfers may have an upper-hand when it comes to incredible photos, but you can’t discredit the amazing posts of Lakey Peterson tearing up waves and relaxing by sunsets.

Serena Williams

As an amazing role model in body positivity, Serena slays in all of her Instagram posts. She’s ranked No.1 in the world in singles and has 5.3M followers. Now that’s what I like to call multi-talented.

Jenny Simpson

Delicious food, beautiful hikes, inspirational quotes, and a touch (okay a lot) of really intense running and rippling muscles. Need we say more?

Gwen Jorgensen

Gwen embodies the balance of life between being a triathlete, sharing posts about recipes and stretching, and taking time from the elite life to have a baby. Plus, the love you see in her relationship and their support for each other is total #relationshipgoals.

Emma Coburn

Elites can relax too! Coburn trains likes crazy and has the times to prove it, but also shares her relaxation with drinks and pictures with the fam at her sister’s wedding.


Photos courtesy of Instagram

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