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Things To Do With Your Friend From Another School

When an old friend comes to visit, sitting in your dorm and inevitably both scrolling on your phones isn’t exactly ideal. Planning out every second of the weekend might not be the best idea, either, but counting on a few things gives you and your friend something to look forward to – besides seeing each other, of course.  

1. Show your friend the best food around

Take them to lunch at your dining hall, and say a prayer the food that day impresses. Convince your friend you have gourmet dining for every dining hall meal. Your cereal is definitely better than at their school. Or, if you’re willing to pay up (and they are too, because be honest, you’re not paying for your guest), show them some local favorites nearby and enjoy dinner off-campus.

2. Go shopping, or just window shopping

If you just need some retail therapy time with your friend, feel free to lose some cash at your favorite stores nearby and show them around in the process. If not, enjoy looking at all the things you can’t afford.

3. Go to a sporting event

Attend a football game, a swim meet, a fencing tournament or whatever you’re into. Dress your friend up in your school colors and go to a tailgate. Throw on some sparkles or grab some pompoms or other spirited items and have a full school spirit photo shoot, so all your Instagram and Snapchat followers and friends know the two of you are together. If social media doesn’t know you have a friend visiting, did they even come?

4. Introduce them to your super cool new friends 

If you’re worried about anyone being shy, let your old friend meet your new ones in a low-stress setting, like a group dinner, or at said sporting event. That way, no parties have to share too much if they don’t want to. If they feel so inclined, they can also make themselves the center of attention. It’ll be fun either way!

5. Make them do homework with you

Let’s be real, you have stuff to do. They definitely do, too. Find a spot where the two of you won’t be tempted to goof off, and get some work done.

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Margo Milanowski

Northwestern '22

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