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Things To Do With Your Family Over Family Weekend

Northwestern’s family weekend kicks off on Friday, Nov. 8. Here is a quick list of the best things to do over the weekend while your family is on campus.

Watch the ‘Cats take on Purdue at 11 a.m. on Saturday

Purdue is 2-6 this year, meaning they’ve only won one more game than we have. Maybe this is a game Northwestern can pull off. . .it would be the first game we’ve won since getting on campus this fall. Make sure you buy tickets soon, students enter for free but families don’t!

Hoosier Mama Pie

What says family and autumn more than one of Hoosier Mama’s pumpkin pies? Hoosier Mama is known for their extensive selection and high-quality pies. Autumn flavors recently returned to the shop — stop by their Evanston location and see what they have to offer!  

Krispy Kreme 5k

The Northwestern Triathalon Club is hosting a 5k on campus the Sunday of family weekend. Here’s the twist: every donut you eat takes seconds off your overall time. Eat up and you can easily beat your PR! The race happens along the lakefill, so you and your family can take in some of the best views on campus at the same time.

Recreation on Campus

Your family gets free admission to SPAC during the weekend. That includes all classes they offer. . .so, if you missed doing yoga with your mom, this is your chance!

Downtown: Shopping on Magnificent Mile

Family weekend is the perfect excuse to go on a little shopping spree. Magnificent Mile is an experience that can appeal to the whole family, especially if your family isn’t familiar with what Chicago has to offer.

Downtown: Chicago Crime Tours

Untouchable Tours does a “Chicago Gangster Tour” where you’re led on an adventure exploring significant sites that involved notorious Chicago gangsters like Bugs Moran, Al Capone, and John Dillinger. The tour takes participants through the 1920s and 1930s, including Prohibition, and gives participants to see infamous locations in Chicago like the Biograph Theater and the Holy Name Cathedral. With an educational yet engaging model, the tour attracts people of all interests.

Family weekend is only a week away! Plan our your days ahead of time so you don’t find yourself sitting in your parents’ hotel room with no arrangements—by incorporating a few of these ideas onto your weekend, you’re sure to finish the weekend with some memories you’ll cherish. For more information on events being promoted by Northwestern, click here

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