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As a long-time Glossier lover and die-hard Olivia Rodrigo fan, I wanted to share my thoughts on their novel, collaborative collection, my personal Glossier picks and the products currently on my wishlist!


After teasing the collection with a cryptic email blast and a Youtube “get ready with me” — starring Olivia and her Glossier favs— the brand dropped several products endorsed by the pop princess herself. While the Grammy nominee loves a bold “winged eyeliner” moment, her everyday look of choice is rooted in flaunting “what you’ve got.” With this mantra in mind, the theme of Olivia’s Glossier collection is “you look good”. The message corresponds with the company’s reputation for producing a wide array of skincare products, in addition to their killer makeup line, to remind their customers that a healthy base is just as powerful as a full face. 

I know I absolutely love the theme of Olivia’s collection, and admire that the campaign mirrors her personal relationship with makeup and skincare! As the company’s first EVER celebrity brand ambassador —  she’s totally slaying her role. The “Olivia x Glossier” includes an adorable mini lilac makeup bag, a lilac “monochromes” tin eyeshadow trio and a brand-new shade of her go-to Glossier lip product. The entire collection can be purchased in this limited edition bundle!

Glossier Products you NEED!

Of course, Olivia’s collection isn’t the only thing to add to your Glossier shopping cart. Here are the products you NEED — from a seasoned Glossier shopping spree veteran :):)

  1. Boy Brow – this product is a bestseller for a REASON. Glossier’s brow gel has received critical acclaim from makeup gurus across the globe. With a cruelty free formula and 5 unique shades, this brow tint is sure to leave your brows on fleek! 
  2. Cloud Paint – one of Glossier’s ultimate creations is their cream blush. I live for a rosy cheek moment — and cloud paint makes applying blush my favorite part of my makeup routine! The buildable formula makes for a quick and easy application process that leads to a sheer, natural rosy glow! 
  3. Generation G – this lip product is an absolute GAME CHANGER. Generation G is a buildable sheer matte lipstick, with 9 unique shades perfect for any skin tone. Inspired by the backstage trick of “blotting” lipstick on models, the matte coloring subtly emphasizes natural beauty – with a vegan and cruelty free formula.
  4. Balm Dotcom – words cannot express how much I adore this product. Balm Dotcom falls under Glossier’s “skin care” umbrella, as the original flavor doubles as a lip tint and skin salve. The wide array of shades and flavors ensures that there’s something for everyone. Anddd as if “Balm Dotcom” couldn’t get any better, the brand just dropped their newest flavor, “Swiss Miss”, in collaboration with the hot chocolate company! Sprint to the Glossier site for a sweet addition to your self-care routine.
  5. Original Pink Hoodie – Timmy Chalamet has one of these, and you should too! The O.G. Glossier hoodie is insanely soft, and perfect for trekking across campus with a hot chai latte in hand. I highly recommend adding this “pinkalicious” product to your closet ASAP!

Glossier Products On My Wishlist

Of course, a girl’s Glossier collection is never complete. Here are the Glossier products at the top of my wishlist!

  1. Glossier You Perfume – TikTok has gone absolutely feral over this release, rumored to have a different unique scent on everyone who wears it! I don’t know about you – but I’m sold.
  2. Ultralip – From what I’ve gathered, Ultralip is a shiny version of its matte counterpart, Generation G (and one of Olivia’s fav products!) Advertised as “the (cashmere) sweatpants of lipstick,” this product moisturizes, revitalizes and colorizes; all in one step. I definitely want this in my makeup bag!
  3. Balm Dotcom Scarf – as if a myriad of killer makeup products wasn’t enough, Glossier has also dropped accessories! My personal fav is the silk neck scarf with Balm Dotcom swatches printed across the fabric. It’s innovative – and sure to make you feel like you’re waltzing through the streets of Paris. 
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