Television Throwback: 'Veronica Mars'

I have to admit that I did not get the hype for Veronica Mars at first. I vaguely remember when the show was airing over 10 years ago that I would constantly see articles praising the storylines and the acting. Admittedly, in 2006 I was too busy predicting who was going to win America’s Next Top to watch the best show airing on The CW. Even when fans pushed to have a movie made in 2014 I didn’t give it a chance. It wasn’t until my boss mentioned the program that I finally decided to give in and watch the show known for having a “cult” following. I’ve been binge watching ever sense.

Although I had heard people talk about the show for years, I didn’t actually know what it was about. After the first episode, I immediately knew that three seasons of the show was not nearly enough. The best aspects are creator Rob Thomas’s writing and, of course, Kristen Bell’s impeccable portrayal of title character. Plus, the theme song is really addictive. 

Veronica and her father Keith, arguably one of the most encouraging and lovable father-figures on television to date, are private investigators which at first would suggest the content is similar to Law & Order or other crime shows. I am not the biggest fan of that genre given that I usually figure out the culprit 15 minutes in. Veronica Mars ability to avoid predictability is what hooks you in.

But it isn’t just the stream of red herrings who keep you guessing, it is Veronica herself. Outspoken, unapologetic and witty, Veronica is an inspiring female character who is not always shown on television. Bell’s acting allows Veronica to avoid behaving like less dynamic characters on television who come across as too nice. Often, shows are written to communicate the message of being a better person than your enemy but in doing so they make the hero weak or soft-spoken. Veronica says exactly what is on her mind. Bell’s delivery not only makes you laugh at her clever comebacks but aspire to always speak out against people who try to belittle or underestimate you.

The supporting cast adds to the mysterious, enjoyable plot. There is no denying Veronica inherited her tenacity from Keith who always defends his daughter and tries to set a good example. Then, there is her sidekick Wallace who thankfully Thomas doesn’t write to be the stereotypical person of color sidekick constantly represented on television shows. Wallace doesn’t exist for out of place comic relief. He is an essential character who helps Veronica solve cases, but he also helps guide her in the right direction when her moral compass veers off course sometimes. Rounding out the key characters are Logan and Weevil who create some of the best scenes with their constant banter with Veronica. Logan is not just an arrogant, rich boy the pilot tempts you to think, and Weevil is not the typical bad boy even Veronica at first suspects him to be.

I can’t give away too many spoilers. I still have a few episodes to go before I  finish the series and, of course, watch the movie right after. But more importantly, any clues might lead you to anticipate the resolution of certain plotlines which would ruin all the fun. Luckily, you won’t have to search too hard for the episodes since streaming service go90 has all three seasons available. So, just trust me when I say this is a “cult” worth joining.