Staying Social in the Freezing Weather

February temperatures and rough Chicago winds have made the idea of leaving your room increasingly less appealing. However, if snuggling under your covers with Netflix marathons has brought your social life to an inevitable hault, don’t worry. Use these ideas to invite your friends over, and share the comfort of your twelve-by-fifteen foot abode!

Weekly show viewings

Nobody wants to watch Chris give out roses or Olivia Pope take on the White House alone. Tell your friends to come over and share in your weekly viewings of your favorite guilty pleasure show. You can even write down predictions at the beginning of seasons to guess what will happen to your favorite characters (just don’t look up those spoilers!)

Postmates meal

Put a new spin on ordering in by doing a “Postmates” night. Gather all your girls and tell them each to order a big dish from their favorite restaurant (pizza, burgers, chinese, desserts--anything you want!) and then share! Everyone gets to try a little bit of everything, and you end up getting a diverse dinner as oppose to the two plain sushi rolls you would’ve bought by yourself.

Wine night

Now I know this one is a classic, but I couldn’t leave it out. Head down to Whole Foods (or get delivery if you really don’t feel like leaving home base) and get some grapes, cheese, crackers, and wine (yes, they do have $4 bottles) to bring a tasteful and classy night in to your favorite ladies.

Study sessions

Been cramming for your midterms? Tell everyone they need to have a change of scenery and leave the library. Set up some snacks, a mellow playlist, and easy access to a power strip, and your friends will come flocking to do their new favorite homework hotspot.

Slumber party

If you have a single or just love your roommate (either that or she’s out of town), recreate your favorite middle school memories by inviting a few friends (and really just a few, because let’s face it, these rooms are small) over for a sleepover. Let’s be honest, braiding each other’s hair, baking cookies, and talking about boys will never get old.