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Spring Quarter Resolutions We Should All Be Taking

1. Step away from the treadmill/elliptical…


And try another form of exercise!  Whether it’s Zumba (I promise, no one is looking at your dancing skills) or weight training, switching things up is guaranteed to get you better results.  If you feel awkward being the only girl venturing into the SPAC weight room, try making the trip down South to Blomquist.  You’ll be amazed to find how many girls have been making this resolution for a while. 


2.  Dress Up For Parties

This doesn’t mean putting on your highest heels.  Be it mixers if you’re Greek or open parties, Northwestern girls often ignore the theme.  Getting your friends together and wearing something ridiculous can be tons of fun – and a great conversation starter once you get to where you’re going. 


3. Go to Chicago 


We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again.  Northwestern students do not take advantage of this wonderful city.  Between schoolwork and working out, it can be hard to fork over an entire day, so try to plan this in advance.  With a few extra hours at the library during the week, you can free up your Saturday for Navy Pier, Michigan Avenue, and the Sears Tower.


4.  Make a date night

It doesn’t have to be with a significant other, take your best friend or even your sibling.  Just once in a while sitting down to a nice dinner with someone you care about can be a nice break from college hookup culture.  Dress up.  Feel classy.  Order the crazy cocktail.  It’s a nice reminder of life outside of frat parties.


5. Embrace Positive Self-Talk

Winter quarter gets us into negative mindsets.  Between the tough course load and the nasty weather, it’s easy to forget why we came here in the first place.  Once a day, take time to tell yourself that you are smart, you are beautiful, and heck, you got into Northwestern.  Just five seconds a day will have an impact far beyond what you could ever imagine.

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Julia is a wannabe Upper East Side socialite from Long Island, New York.  In her free time, she enjoys suffering through Blogilates, thinking of creative ways to use her blender, and fantasizing on the Lily Pulitzer website.  She hopes to use Her Campus as an outlet for her sassy wisdom, and she wants to let everyone reading her articles know that she loves them and wishes she could hand-deliver them all chocolate. 
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