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Spring Break 2021: A Guide to the Ultimate Staycation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

            No matter where in the world you are, there is no denying that spring break looks completely different this year. Many schools that run on semesters have even cancelled their spring breaks entirely, choosing to give students occasional “wellness days” instead to prevent a mass exodus off campus. Luckily, for Northwestern students who run on the quarter system, our break remains intact; however, many students are making the responsible choice to spend the break at home with their families or remaining on campus amidst the COVID-19 travel restrictions. So instead of typical spring break plans, I am giving you all my favorite ways to have a “staycation” at home this year.

            To keep spending time with your family from being boring, try doing a new activity every day! Alternate between movie nights, game nights, and family walks to keep things interesting. My family and I did a ton of really weird and hard puzzles over quarantine, and let me tell you, those kept us busy FOR HOURS. I mean, seriously, who knew that puzzles could entertain adults for so long? Also, pick out a different locally owned restaurant to order a meal from each day. If there is any time to support small businesses, it is now. Plus, eating out really is a hallmark of vacations and being away from home, so it will be sure to get you into the “staycation” mood.

            Another great way to host a staycation is to treat yourself! Everyone has been going through it this year, and after a long quarter of online classes, we all could use a little TLC. Invest in some good face masks, bath salts and your favorite candle scents, then host a mini spa-night for yourself. One of my favorite things to do is go back onto 2010s YouTube and find some tutorials for the ultimate spa night (admit it, we all watched the DIY YouTube creators growing up). While you are enjoying your spa night, open your computer or pick up your phone and treat yourself to some fun online shopping or browsing. One of my all-time favorite pass times is just filling my online shopping cart with things I love for myself, and we know I will never actually click “check out” because we are balling on a college-girl budget. However, it is still a great way to unwind and treat yourself if you are able.

            If you are someone who loves to do hands-on activities, try scouring Pinterest for some fun DIY projects! Whether you want to do some light spring cleaning or make some new wall décor for your wall, Pinterest is home to thousands of fun ideas that are super easy to do at home. The DIY projects range from being easy enough for kindergartners to absolute God-like crafting abilities, so you are sure to find something for whatever crafting level you are at. Plus, you can show it off to your friends on social media when you are done for a #instaDIYmoment.

            It may seem like an obvious idea, but spring break at home is the best time to binge that Netflix series that you have been waiting to watch. I consulted my friends in case you need some recommendations.

 Preeta said “The Great British Baking Show” is her guilty pleasure, while Lahari is a huge fan of “Love Island”. I will always be able to watch “Glee” on repeat. If none of those are your speed, go over to buzzfeed.com and take a quiz to find your perfect Netflix show recommendation (there are plenty of quizzes for you to find your best match)!

            Lastly, make sure to take some time for yourself. There is never a bad time to focus on your health and wellness. Try journaling or reaching out to old friends, get some extra rest, and do things that are completely for you. Oftentimes, people are so caught up in the whirlwind of college that they forget to use spring break for what it actually is—a break. Make the most of it by making it one hundred percent and completely for YOU. I hope some of these ideas are able to help make your staycation enjoyable!

Kate Davis

Northwestern '24

Kate is a Sophomore at Northwestern University studying Communications and Sociology. Her favorite things to do in her free time are being with her friends, listening to new playlists, making TikToks, and online shopping. When she is not writing for HC, you can find her trying out new study spots around campus or hanging out with her sorority sisters