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Sorority Recruitment: Preview

At any school with Greek Life, sorority rush is a staple of the school year. At Northwestern, the Panhellenic Association gives PNMs a chance to see what rushing is all about before the actual process begins. If you sign up in time, you have the ability to participate in Panhellenic Formal Recruitment Preview.

Formal recruitment is almost inevitably associated with nerves and uncertainty, but Recruitment Preview, a tradition that does not happen everywhere, is an opportunity for PNMs to learn more about recruitment before it actually begins. And, in all honesty, Preview is seriously pressure-free.

Preview is not an excuse to start rushing girls before Formal Recruitment begins; it is not some sort of scheme. It is genuinely an opportunity to learn more about the process without actually being in the process. It is a test run.

Regardless of how many upperclassmen ensure that Preview is very relaxed and not indicative of formal recruitment, people will still get nervous, try on hundreds of different outfits and analyze their schedule over again. I know that there is little to stop this from occurring, but I just want to be one more voice and reason tell everyone to relax. Sororities are a lot of fun; you get to be part of an amazing group of women. Recruitment itself is fun as well. During recruitment, you go around to 12 houses on campus that PNMs have never seen before and talk to so many amazing women about their chapter.

All in all, recruitment is worth it. It may seem like there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders, but it is important to remember that sororities want you just as much as you want them, and that this is supposed to be a fulfilling process.

So, this weekend, when Sunday morning rolls around and you start to feel nervous about the experience, remember that Preview is just a test run. Do not stress about what your hair looks like or who is wearing what outfit, especially because they give you all (really super extra flattering) t-shirts anyway. 

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