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Snow Day Snack Hacks for Those Hibernation Cravings

Imagine: it’s a Saturday on campus. The ground is covered in fluffy white snow, and arctic temperatures have you stuck inside for the day. What should you do with such limited options for weekend fun? The obvious solution is to bake! However, if you’re a college student like me who can’t cook and owns limited baking supplies, experiencing this winter baking bliss might be difficult. But never fear! I am here to provide you with three delectable desserts that take little time, skill or supplies! 

Cake Mix Cookies 

It is a commonly accepted truth that baked treats are better when they combine two or more desserts into one. This holds especially true when it comes to cake mix cookies. As you probably inferred from the name, these cookies are made by using box cake mix as cookie dough. I love this recipe because it’s almost impossible to mess up. The ingredient list is short, the baking time is 12 to 14 minutes, and the only supplies you need are a bowl, a silicone spatula, a cookie pan and an oven. This recipe guarantees maximum reward for minimum effort. After roughly 20-30 minutes from start to finish, you will have perfectly soft and moist cookies delicious enough to convince all who consume them that you are Betty Crocker herself. Click here to see the full recipe for this dessert hack. 

Mug Cake/Mug Brownies 

Mug cakes are a new discovery for me as a freshman in college. Once again, the name is pretty self-explanatory: this is a dessert that you make simply by mixing cake mix with water or milk in a mug which you then microwave for around one minute. This can be done DIY fashion by purchasing actual cake mix or you can buy a box of pre portioned mix that is specifically made to be baked via microwavable mug and comes with icing! If you’re not a fan of cake, mug brownies are also delicious. Two brands that I would recommend are Betty Crocker’s Mug Treats and Ghirardelli’s Double Chocolate Premium Brownie Mix

Puppy Chow 

Finally, a super quick and easy dessert hack that is perfect for a cozy snow day is puppy chow. This ridiculously simple dessert is a mix of rice chex cereal, melted chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar. It’s the perfect snack for movie night or to give as a gift to your ever-hungry college friends. With just a microwave and a bowl to mix your ingredients together, you are sure to create a culinary masterpiece with this recipe

Averi Muniz

Northwestern '24

Averi is a freshman at Northwestern University who is planning to double major in Legal Studies and Psychology. Her favorite things include music, cats, and all things Disney. When she's not writing for Her Campus, Averi sings with the Alice Millar Chapel Choir in Evanston, IL and enjoys long walks along Lake Michigan.
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