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The Perfect Galentine’s Day for Every Budget

Remember passing out Valentines and candy to every single person in your class in grade school? Somehow, on the road to adulthood, we’ve come to think that Valentine’s Day is an expensive day for couples to celebrate, and for single people to resent. But who says you can’t celebrate with your girlfriends? Whether you’re taken or not, celebrate Galentine’s Day (thank you, Leslie Knope) with the special ladies in your life, on the budget that makes you and your wallet the happiest!

Chill Night (<$5)


Slumber party with your besties!

Put on your favorite hits from elementary school (Hillary Duff anyone?), wear your comfiest PJs, and do all the classic sleepover stuff you haven’t done in years (face masks, pedicures, movies, the works.)


BYOJ (Bring your own junk food!) 

Everyone has exactly $2 to spend at the nearest vending machine you can find. Go crazy.


Release your inner teenage girl.

Think 13 Going on 30 for inspo. This is a total girls’ night. Other movies: Clueless, Mean Girls, Legally Blonde. Or just browse Netflix!


Out and About ($5-$15)


Arts and Crafts at ARTica in Norris!

ARTica is a hidden gem on campus. Grab some girlfriends and paint a mug for under $10. Paint one for yourself, or choose partners and design one that your friend will love. It’s so relaxing!


Take-out (yes, OUT, not order IN.)

Skip the delivery fees, call ahead, and then go pick up your order. You can save mucho $$$.


The Olive Mountain is hands down my favorite affordable restaurant in Evanston (the Vegetarian Plate is super satisfying and can be shared, at only $10.75.)


Treat Yourself ($20+)



Dabble.co is a unique site that offers classes all focused on trying and learning something new. Ever dreamed of learning Parkour? Or interested in a class on the art of happiness? Yep, both are offered.


Dine in. Feeling fancy? Find a swanky place in Chicago!

Sit, relax, and put away the phones. This is quality time spent with your girls – make an effort to look them in the eye and make them feel like they’re being heard. The best conversations come from the times you forget to check your phone. My friends and I are planning on going to Todoroki for the all-you-can-eat special!)


February 13th is for YOU.

Take advantage of Chicago as your backyard and explore. There’s nothing like going on adventures with your besties — and this is the best day to do it! 

*For those who don’t know, February 13th is the official date for Galentine’s Day!


**Photo is not ours, found through Google Images

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