Passing on the Passover Tradition at School

This is my second year away at college where I will not be with my family for Passover dinner. I am not super religious and I don’t know any of the prayers that we usually sing at dinner, but for me Passover is time to be with my family, indulge in some scrumptious food and put aside all of our worries to enjoy some quality family time.

While it is feasible for some to drive home for Passover dinner, that is not practical for me seeing as I am a four-hour flight away. So for Passover this year I have decided to take matters into my hands and bring my school family together.

Here are some simple steps to make Passover dinner a success even if you are away from home!

Find a kitchen:

This may seem like a painfully obvious first step, but tons of college students live in dorms, greek houses or other places that don't have kitchens. I am currently living in a sorority house and I do not have access to a kitchen, so I crowdsourced all of my close friends and convinced one friend to let me put on Passover dinner in her apartment. Step one is complete!

Invite friends:

You can make your Passover dinner as intimate or as large as you want to. I am keeping my dinner to around four people so I am not in the kitchen all day and so it feels more like home. I have gathered my close friends and forced them to put club meetings and other obligations aside so we can feast and enjoy each other's presence.

What to make:

Try to keep your menu simple. If you’re a college student you definitely don’t want to blow your budget on cooking an elaborate meal. The classic Passover dish is Matzo Ball soup, but if you don’t feel like spending an hour or so making balls of Matzo, feel free to turn to an alternative option. I am making lemon roasted chicken, latkes and my family’s homemade applesauce. If you need some inspiration, click here

snow white cooking GIF

Enjoy the company:

It is so easy to get caught up in your own life at school. College students are constantly trying to balance work, sleep and play. That’s why it is important to dedicate time to your close friends and make sure you are getting the break that you rightfully deserve.

Regardless of if you celebrate Passover or not, setting aside some time to cook a meal with your friends is a great way to detox.