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The Olsen twins: a new line to add to their list


In celebrity news and gossip, child star horror stories are as commonplace as breakups and wardrobe malfunctions. We’ve got Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and don’t even get me started on Miley Cyrus (even though I admittedly kind of like her)- they all started out as adorable, innocent and even slightly awkward kids who really seemed to thrive on the big screen. In an industry of child stars gone wrong, however, there are exceptions, two of which were able to not only grow into their roles in the entertainment industry but also to far surpass them.

            Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen seemed to have learned to act before they could even talk. Their time on Full House, however, which began before their first birthday, according to Bio, launched them into child stardom but does not seem to be the defining point of their lives in any way. At the age of 27, the Olsens have become more successful in a variety of fields than anyone would’ve dreamed while watching Michelle and the Tanners on tv.

            In recent years, they’ve been up to a lot. Their fashion line, The Row, which they started in 2007, is a success, according to Harper’s Bazaar, and both have been featured on separate Allure Magazine covers. Their designs have been honored by the CFDA and are now recognized as comparable with some of the best fashion around today, according to Refinery29.

            If that wasn’t enough success for these two young fashionistas, and businesswomen, they’re soon to have much more on their plates. With their continued involvement with Dualstar Entertainment, which they have officially been involved with since the age of 18, and the launch of their new fragrance line, the Olsens aren’t backing down anytime soon, according to Refinery29. According to the Olsens, they attribute thier amazing careers to hard work and dedication, and the fact that they give everything a hundred percent of their effort. Even aside from the pluses of fantastic clothes and fragrances, the Olsens’ story is one of success that’s encouraging for anyone, but especially those of us who have watched them on our television screens since our childhood.

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