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Navigating the New Norris: Patty2

The Norris that we know and love is not the same as it once was, and its new chic, white-finish on the ground floor comes with a whole host of new food options. As much as we will all miss the Taqueria Salad from Frontera or a quick Subway sandwich between classes, I think that Northwestern has finally caught up with America’s health food trend with one of its shiny new dining options, Patty2.

Patty2 has a pretty expansive menu, ranging from kombucha on tap to hamburgers. With hamburgers on your menu, its definitely not the most health-conscious place to ever exist, but it still has a very promising menu.

If you are in the mood for a bowl or wrap, Patty2’s menu is a mix of Sweetgreen-like salads to Dig Inn-like bowls. Some of them have a lettuce base with various ingredients, and some have brown rice as a base. Norris really needed a more classic salad place, so it is definitely nice to see something with such fresh ingredients right on campus.

An even bigger addition to our beloved university center is the smoothies they offer. They don’t have a ton of options, but they still have green smoothies, fruit-based smoothies, protein smoothies and a whole host of superfoods that you can add to all of them. And, if you are really craving ice cream but don’t necessarily want a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s from the convenience store, they also have milkshakes.

One item that strays from their healthy menu, their burgers, are self-described as “stuffed with cheese and made with love.” They have turkey burgers and regular hamburgers, and they also give you the option to add an avocado or egg to your order. To top off their menu, they have four kinds of kombucha and nitro or cold brewed coffee.

When I went, I ordered “The Shred” bowl with shredded spinach, shaved brussels, carrots, pickled onions, kale, quinoa and peach vinaigrette. The salad is served in the same rectangular plastic containers as the pre-packaged salads from the convenience store, but it is definitely much fresher. Even though it is not a make-your-own salad place, I would order something just like this at most salad places, and I was definitely content. It was a perfect lunch to grab between classes.

Honestly, I am so happy that Northwestern has Patty2 now at Norris. It is not as luxurious as some of the health food spots that have popped up around the country, but it is perfect for a college campus. One of the only downfalls is that Northwestern students are so excited about it, the line does tend to get pretty long during lunchtime. It is best to go to Patty2 before or after the lunch rush, but it is definitely worth a try.

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