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Photo by Ulta, Molly Van Gorp, OPI

Nailed It! Manicure Musts at the Moment

Just the other day my friend and I were remarking on our current obsession with the autumn aesthetic. This year I have truly immersed myself in all things fall like never before. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic, or maybe I’m simply experiencing a newfound love for the golden color palette. Either way, my bedroom decor, coffee order and closet have all undergone a fall overhaul. Yet, above all else, my favorite seasonal spruce up is right at my fingertips: my manicure. 

I live for nail trends, and this season’s have not disappointed. Essie and OPI have both released several new collections just in time for the leaves to change. Essie’s fall line takes a “trek through the heart of the jungle”. The transitional reds, browns and orange of fall are infused with a colorful flare that feels more cheerful than the standard earthy tones. A vibrant, sparkly yellow called “don’t be spotted” in my opinion, really steals the show. 

Essie also recently released a line of holographic hues called “just roll with it” inspired by “retro roller disco vibes.” Colors range from glittery magenta to swirling silver. 

OPI echoes this glitzy autumn energy with their sophisticated “Muse of Milan” collection, which features an array of purples, blues and browns. My favorite from this line, and the one that I happen to be wearing right now as pictured above, is “Leonardo’s Model Color.” It is the perfect color for the moment: a deep purple shimmer with flicks of sparkle that reflect a dazzling pink in the light. While purple and blue may not be the colors that come to mind amists pumpkin season, I must say, these tones mesh flawlessly with the overdose of amber shades so synonymous with the season. 

Clearly, shimmer is a top priority this fall. Perhaps because Y2K and McBling (basically Y2K part II – think Von Dutch trucker hats) are penetrating fashion and beauty. Or perhaps because we are just in need of a little sparkle during this rather bleak time. Either way, I encourage you to step out of the constraints of the harvest motif and complete that beige sweat set with a pop of sparkly color on your fingers. 

Beyond single colors, nail art is reaching new heights this October. Now more than ever, it’s totally on trend for your nails to resemble a miniature comic book. My favorite nail artist, Amy Le, @amyle.nails on Instagram, creates the most exquisite nail art. She is truly the queen of the reverse and updated french tip, and the queen of telling a story through a manicure. Recently, she experimented with tordis shell prints, cow prints, clouds and art deco geometric patterns. 

She’s even encouraged us to vote through this quirky look

So if you’re feeling extra adventurous, take a stab at some avant-garde nail art this season – you won’t regret it! 

My name is Molly Van Gorp, and I’m a freshman at Northwestern from just outside of Evanston. Last year I took a gap year, where I interned in the fundraising and development department at an education nonprofit called Bottom Line. I’m currently planning to major in Sociology; minor in the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and take a costume design class or two along the way. I'm passionate about all things lifestyle, and my ultimate my goal is to pursue a career in the fashion and/or beauty industry.
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