Musician You Should Know: Jessie Ware

If you have read any music related articles I have written, it isn't hard to detect my frustration with the music played on American radio nowadays. I tend to set my iTunes to show hits from across the pond to make me feel better about the direction the music industry is headed. One artist who gives me hope is British powerhouse Jessie Ware. She has recently written hits for Ed Sheeran, but her third album Glasshouse definitely deserves to take over U.S. radio airwaves.

Jessie Ware was added to my playlist when I stumbled upon her single “Say You Love Me,” which she wrote with Sheeran, off of her 2014 sophomore album Tough Love. The R&B and soulful tones blended with painful lyrics draws you in. Then, Ware released “Till the End” as one of the highlight on the soundtrack for Me Before You. After, she took some time off to start her family and seemingly update her sound a little. But instead falling victim to the music industry pressures to incorporate an EDM flare into her songs, Ware elevated her soulful signature with a pop production that makes her songs more radio friendly without stripping them of their substance.

Her lead track from Glasshouse signified this transition. In “Midnight,” Ware comes across as a modern, edgier version of Des’ree and Sade mixed in with strong vocals like fellow Brit Emeli Sandé. The two following singles before the album release, “Selfish Love” and “Alone,” were also medium tempo songs with a touch of top influence. Plus, the music videos she has released for each of these songs have been visually stunning as they transport you to foreign mansions with captivating views.

Despite her musical influences, Ware does distinctly carve a path in the music industry cluttered with artists that struggle to find the balance between having intriguing production and heartfelt lyrics. Glasshouse beautifully reflects Ware’s talent to venture outside of the norm but still come across as a relatable artists who adds to the contemporary R&B music scene. She certainly needs to achieve greater international stardom.