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Murmurs Turns NU Secrets Into Show

Taking a page from the popular website, PostSecret.com and, more locally, Northwestern Confessions, Spectrum Theatre Company’s Murmurs goes up this week.  Murmurs is a devised show, “engaging the Northwestern community in a conversation about our secrets that we share with and hide from each other.” 

Over the last two months, Murmurs has been collecting secrets from students: students were offered free blank postcards to write their secrets on and were encouraged to submit them to drop boxes around campus.  From these, the Murmurs team used the secrets to create a full show, centered on the real secrets of NU students.

Murmurs goes up at the end of this week: See it at Norris East Lawn on 6/6 at 7PM, 6/7 at 5PM & 7PM, and 6/8 at 2PM & 5PM.

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Meg Orita


Meg Orita is a junior at Northwestern University, majoring in Voice/Opera performance and probably something else, too.Meg is currently studying abroad in Paris, France (!!!) and loving every minute of it.
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