Meet Youtube Star, Anna Garsia!

Name: Anna Garsia

Age: 21

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Major: Economics

How and when did you learn how to do makeup?

I learned how to do my makeup through watching YouTube videos! I remember stumbling across the "Beauty & Lifestyle" section of YouTube the summer before 9th grade and falling in love with all of the makeup tutorials that were posted. Since I didn't have an older sister or a mom who wore makeup I had absolutely no idea how to apply it, so honestly the girls on YouTube taught me everything. 

What inspired you to start a youtube channel and how did you get so popular?

After watching beauty videos on YouTube for a while I decided I wanted to make my own channel, so I opened up my Macbook and filmed my first video. After maybe a year on YouTube things really started to take off and before I knew it I was hitting 10,000, then 20,000 and most recently 30,000 subscribers. 

How do you think of video ideas?

A lot of times I make videos based on whatever's going on in my life--whether that's coming back to school (so a back to school fashion video) or even just being excited about fall (cue the bath and bodyworks candle haul). If my life fails to provide inspiration then I'll turn to Pinterest or fashion magazines to see if there's anything trendy I can base my content on.

Hardest makeup tutorial you’ve made (skill-wise) and why?

That's a tough question, I actually just had to look back through all my makeup tutorials (lol). I think the most technically intense makeup video I did was a vampire halloween makeup tutorial because it required so much blending on both the eyes and lips. 

Makeup tutorial you want to make?

I've been dying to film a fall makeup tutorial because I absolutely love all the warm colors that this season inspires. 

One beauty product you LIVE by

My MAC Select Cover Up concealer--it's the sole reason I don't look like a zombie when I leave my house each day.

Do you have a go-to look (winged eye-liner, certain lip color, etc)?

Probably a simple brown smokey eye and a fresh face.

What were some of your favorite tutorials?

DIY Flower Crowns: 

Dear Freshman Year Me: 

Get Ready With Me: