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Meet this Week’s Campus Cutie: The Kentucky Derby!

With the Kentucky Derby not too far away, a ton of Northwestern students flock to the event each year to celebrate spring and horse racing. In a day filled with huge hats, betting and bowties, we asked some Northwestern students what their favorite part of the event is. Here are some responses we got from students reporting from the scene:


Jenna Broz: Sophomore, Econ & Math Major

“My favorite thing was getting to play with the Vineyard Vines hats at the Vineyard Vines tents. People are so preppy and dressed up here so it was funny to see them all gathered together at the tent.”

…Just a little glimpse at the fashion…

Jen Kapov: Sophomore, Psychology Major

“My favorite thing was the initial moment of getting off the busses in the parking lot and realizing how fun of a day this would be.”


Danny Brennan: Senior, Industrial Engineering Major 

“My favorite thing was being with my friends and being able to enjoy these last crazy moments together before we graduate.”


Catherine Tyree: Junior, Econ Major

“My favorite part was seeing people get so competitive over which horses they would bet for.”

Looks like it’s gunna be a close one.

John Whiting: Sophomore, Econ Major

“My favorite part is how much of a cultural eye-opening experience this is. There are so many people you get to interact with, you get to meet lots of other colleges students, and really just enjoy yourself on such a fun day.”

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