Meet SigO Member, Justine Kim!

Name: Justine Kim

Hometown: Glenview, Illinois

Major: Social Policy, Asian American Studies

Age/ Year: 19, Sophomore

How did you get involved with SigO?

I was in an all female a cappella group in high school, and when I came to Northwestern I just decided to audition for a cappella. After that, I just found my home in SigO! The stars were aligned.


What's going on with Significant Others this coming weekend?

We have our first show of the year! The theme is L-Eggo my SigO. It is a breakfast themed a cappella show. It's in the Jones great room, Friday at 10pm and Saturday at 8pm.


What's your role in SigO?

I am the social chair of SigO. It is a very inspiring position.


What's your fave part of SigO?

My favorite part of SigO is that it's an experience that is a break from all of the chaos that surrounds Northwestern's extra curricular activity culture. I think that the unique thing about SigO is that we take music seriously but we don't take ourselves seriously. It's a good time. I love it here.


What is your favorite Kanye album and why?

Mine has to be Watch the Throne. It's actually a Jay-Z album but Kanye is literally on every song. It's my favorite because it combines the unique genius of two of my favorite artists. My favorite song on it has some really good social commentary - it's the song Made in America. It's really good.


If you had to be a Northwestern Dorm, which would you be?

I would probably be Sargent. First of all, I lived in Sargent last year and it has it's own charm to it, it's own flare. People just have to get to know it a little better.


Is there anything else you want HerCampus to know about you or SigO's event this coming weekend?

Come out to our show! It will be a lot of fun. I'm sure no one has come to a breakfast themed a cappella show before. There will be singing, with some fun shenanigans thrown in. I know this weekend there are a lot of other events going on too, but there is definitely a way to go to them all.