Meet SHAPE member, Olivia Shay!

Meet this week's Campus Cutie and member of SHAPE (Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators) Olivia Shay!
Name: Olivia Shay
Age: 19 
Hometown: Yarmouth, ME
Major: Psychology, Global Health/Anthropology minor
Her Campus: What does SHAPE mean to you? 
Olivia Shay: To me, SHAPE means challenging stereotypes and assumptions around sexual health and empowering Northwestern community members to make healthy choices for themselves. I love being a resource for my friends, whether it's for free condoms or advice. 
HC: What is the most important thing from SHAPE's Take Me or Leave Me series?
OS: As a whole, this week has been a great way to promote an open dialogue around healthy relationships, but I think my personal favorite event was Dr. Alexandra Solomon's talk on modern dating. I am slightly biased because I helped plan it, but she made a lot of important points about valuing yourself and your personal happiness in a relationship. She also emphasized the importance of slowing down and not allowing yourself to get burnt out in the dating world.
HC: Why is sexual health something we should talk about more?
OS: Sexual health has the ability to affect every aspect of one's mental, emotional, and physical health, yet society avoids talking about it until it is absolutely necessary. I think we need to restructure sex education and challenge false beliefs surrounding sex so that everyone feels less alone in the process and has the knowledge to make healthy decisions for themselves. There are so many important aspects of sexual health like consent, intersectionality, and kink that get swept under the rug. If we have more conversations about them, we will create happier, more inclusive communities. The more we talk about it, the less stigmatized it becomes. 
HC: What is your opinion on hookup culture?
OS: I strongly believe in "you do you." If hookup culture is something that you enjoy, then more power to you. On the other hand, there is no shame in not being a fan of it. I think hookup culture can feel pervasive sometimes, and it is important to step back once and awhile and evaluate how you are feeling about yourself and your relationships.
HC: What's your best advice for healthy relationships?
OS: Be open with each other. Communicate about what's making you happy and what's bothering you, and don't be afraid to be vulnerable with someone. 
HC: Who would be your ideal date, and where would they take you?
OS: My ideal date would probably be with Chandler from "Friends" mostly because I have been binge watching the show lately. I think I would want to go to an awful movie or play with him just to hear all the jokes he would make. After that, we would grab coffee at Central Perk (or some hipster coffee shop in Chicago if this was reality).