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Meet Jess Carroll: NU Lacrosse Player!

Jess Carroll, 20, is a junior from Houston, Texas on the Northwestern Women’s Lacrosse Team. She recently played against USC at the famed Wrigley Field and told us about it!

How did playing at Wrigley feel different than playing at home? 
It was so awesome and overwhelming playing at such a historical venue. Even though its such a privilege being able to play at Lakeside every home game, the energy and excitement of playing at Wrigley with so many fans cheering in the midst of such a rich historical context was unforgettable.
What was your favorite moment of the game?
Alyssa’s behind the back shot!
Have you played at a venue like that before?
Yes, I’ve played at Gillette Stadium and the Colosseum at USC
What have been the biggest games you’ve played in?
The biggest game I’ve played in was the National Championship game my freshman year (We won!!!)
What is the best thing about being on the NU lacrosse team? 
The best thing about being on the Northwestern lacrosse team is the fact that the standards are so high. Having the expectation of greatness forces you to work to be the best version of yourself which is something I wish that everyone could experience.
What are some things you do outside of lacrosse?
I love doing yoga, reading, drawing, watching horror movies, and eating Forever Yogurt!
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