Meet Fusion Dancer: Kitty Liu!

Meet Kitty Liu! She's a Fusion dancer and will be performing this weekend at Fusion Throws a Party!

Age: 20

Major: Computer Science and Biological Sciences

Hometown: Bay Area


When did you start dancing and what type of dance was it?

I started when I was maybe 6/7 years old with Chinese dance and ballet. And eventually I moved on to jazz and contemp styles. 

When did you start dancing hip hop and why did you start?

I started dancing hip hop in college! I wanted to try out a new style since I had been doing the same kind of dance for a while, and I’ve grown to love the hip hop community. 

Favorite dancing group or performance?

My current favorite is probably the Cookies. This set was unreal. 

What pieces are you dancing in and which one are you most excited for?

Other than opening and closing, I’m in four other pieces. I’m probably most excited for the one choreographed by Mimi and Iris (hehe). I’m obsessed with the music and choreography. 

What has been the hardest part of preparing for the show? Best part?

Tech week has been the hardest for sure. We’ve had rehearsal for 4-7 hours each night this week, so balancing that with classes/studying/eating/being a human being has been difficult. Best part is just being around everyone and feeling all the love and support. 

If you could plan any party, what would be the theme, who would perform and who would you invite (be creative/celebs!)

Haha It’d probably be some kind of dance party… or a gucamole party. 


Photos from Facebook