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Meet F&F President, Mary Kate Hayes!

On Tuesday, Form & Function, the Northwestern student-run marketing agency, organized an event with PepsiCo. A number of employees came to speak to the group of students about careers, internship possibilities and company culture. Mary Kate Hayes, the Co-President of Form & Function, helped out in bringing the speakers to campus!

Major: Journalism – IMC, Business Institutions Program

Age: 21

Hometown: Lake Forest, Illinois
Why did you want to get involved with F&F? 
I became interested in F&F when I heard about the hands-on work that students are able to experience as an undergrad through a friend. I visited the website and saw the professional aesthetic and the organization’s mission. Even before I joined, I saw F&F as a student group that uniquely offers a community for people who love marketing, advertising and public relations and I wanted to be involved.
What has been your favorite memory with the group so far?
My favorite memory was working on the Sail with a Sailor event with Salmon Cove, a preppy Chicago clothing brand. My account team decided to partner with the Northwestern Sailing Team and set up a booth at their event in the spring. Even though there was a lot of planning and strategizing leading up to the event, we had a great time promoting the brand that we worked on all quarter.
How did the PepsiCo event go?
F&F loves inviting companies in to speak about their career opportunities and personal experiences. We have a great record of employers visiting our group meetings and forming lasting connections with our members, and the PepsiCo event was no exception! The panelists were able to speak about PepsiCo as a larger company, their brands in the Chicago office and their internship opportunities for undergrads. We were lucky to have such personable panelists and they stuck around after the Q&A to meet our members. 
Why did you want to organize this event?
I was personally very interested in organizing this event because I interned at PepsiCo over the summer. Their Chicago office has such a great atmosphere that I knew would be a great fit for our group. We partnered with ISBE and planned the event with them. It was a great way to bring ISBE and F&F together and bring in a great employer!
What do you love most about Northwestern? 
Northwestern feels like home because my friends and other students have been very supportive when I try something new. I love NU because I truly feel like I am part of supportive and friendly community.
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Ana Cordera


Ana is a sophomore at Northwestern University pursuing a Journalism degree and a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications.
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