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Meet DM Producer Meg Delaney!


Name: Meg Delaney

Year: Senior

Major: RTVF

Hometown: Philadelphia

Birthday: Dec. 14, 1991

How did you become involved with DM?

I danced my freshman year with a bunch of friends and it was awesome. I wanted to step up my involvement the next year so sophomore year I applied to be on a bunch of committees and got onto the production committee, probably because I was RTVF and there’s a lot of filming and video. I was on the video team and had an awesome time; I enjoyed the event and got to film a bunch of the blogs for the live-feed. During my junior year, I wanted to stay on production but have more of a leadership role, so I applied to be a stage manager and got that position. I helped run the show backstage. Then this year I stepped up as a producer because I was the only returning stage manager.

What do you do in your position?

Right now, before DM happens, I help set up different student group performances and student group videos that will play during DM. I’m also a leader within the committee so I’m overseeing the different teams within the committees, like the set team, video team and lights team. I make sure they’re on top of everything, and I oversee the stage managers and MC to make sure they’re organized and getting everything done.

What do you do during the event?

During the event, another producer and I switch off at every block and we’re in charge of calling the schedule minute by minute, so we have a 30-hour schedule. Everything is planned out by the minute, so we’re in charge of making sure we are on top of that schedule. I stay backstage and see that everything is running as it should be.

What is your favorite part about DM this year?

I think it’s getting to interact with everyone on the committees; we have different subcommittees and I get to branch out and meet a ton of different people who have a ton of different interests and skills. We all come together during the event, but I like being able to reach out beforehand and getting to know everyone really well.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I’m joining the 120-hour club, which is for people who have done DM all four years they’ve been here. It’s my last DM so I’m looking forward to just getting back to what DM is all about and seeing people who have been here since my freshman year. I’m excited to really take it all in and wrap it up this year as a producer. Being part of the 120-hour club means a lot to me; it shows commitment and dedication to the cause. DM has just been such a big part of my time here at Northwestern, so being able to reach this milestone is really awesome.

How do you feel when you’re dancing for so long?

There are definitely lulls during DM when you feel like you can’t go on without caffeine, sleep or sitting down, but the adrenalin of being there with everyone else and getting to block ten makes it all worth it. This block is an amazing emotional experience and you kind of forget those lulls once you’re there.  

How do you feel about dancing for Team Joseph?

Team Joseph raises money for research for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is a disease that mostly affects young boys. Unfortunately it’s fatal and we’re kind of dancing for those who can’t this year. Team Joseph is an amazing beneficiary and I’m glad we’re dancing for them. It’s always great to get to know the people involved with the beneficiary beforehand and it has been a real inspiration meeting the kids and families who are part of Team Joseph and getting to know who we’re dancing for. I also get to hang out with them backstage during the event which I’m excited about.

Are you involved with anything else on campus?

I’m part of the Student Alumni Alliance, which is a group that organizes events for alumni to get to know undergraduates and the other way around. It is responsible for events like NU Day at Wrigley, Northwestern’s Etiquette Banquet in the spring and a bunch of career panels throughout the year.

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