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Meet Burlesque Producer, Jenna Perlstein!

The on-campus group, Lipstick Theater, is kicking off spring quarter in the sexiest way possible. On April 2-4, the group is presenting its annual Burlesque show with support from the College Feminists and CIC. To learn more about the show, check out our interview with Lipstick Theater’s own boss lady, Jenna Perlstein!

Name: Jenna Perlstein

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Pound Ridge, New York

Major: Theater and Gender Studies


Tell us about Lipstick Theater:

So Lipstick Theater is a theater board on campus dedicated to tackling issues like underrepresentation of women in the arts as well as confronting women’s issues on campus, in Chicago, the country, all over the place. We work to give women opportunities, to perform plays written by women, directed by women that explore different feminist topics.


What is your role in putting on the Burlesque show?

So I am the producer for the Burlesque show but I’m also on Lipstick theater as a board member on outreach. So I have a nice balance knowing how the board works and leading the production of burlesque.


How did you first get involved with Burlesque?

So I was in it last year as a freshman and I just loved it, I had an amazing time. I had never produced before, but Lipstick is such a supportive environment that wants to encourage everyone to try new things. So within that environment I felt comfortable enough to step into this new role within an event that I feel so passionate about.


What else are you involved in on campus?

I am the Vice President of Membership Recruitment for Alpha Phi. I do a lot in theater so like I said before I’m on outreach for Lipstick Theater. I’ve directed on campus, I’ll be in a production in June that we’re getting ready for. And I write for the Odyssey.


What should people expect from the show?

(laughs) They should expect a great time first of all. If they’ve seen burlesque before, expect it to be different because we’re in a new space. We’ve converted into this new, big theatrical space.We’re in Parkes this year.

If you haven’t seen Burlesque before, expect to see a lot of bodies. It’s a super sexy show. It’s full of sass and the most unexpected thing is that you’ll feel so empowered when you go, because we work really hard to make it a safe space.


Best hype-up music?

Definitely anything Beyonce.


For more information on the Burlesque show, check out the Facebook event.


Photo courtesy of Jenna.

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