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Meet BAGGU, My Favorite Environmentally-Friendly Company

In today’s world, it seems increasingly hard to find items that are both cute and in-style, along with environmentally sustainable. Fast fashion appears to churn out most of the trends, making cute clothes at affordable prices, but at what cost to our planet? Oftentimes, environmentally-conscious brands have to increase their prices in order to produce products in a safe way. So where can we find a happy medium?

I am here to answer that question while telling you about one of my favorite brands: BAGGU. BAGGU markets themselves as “bags for people and the planet” and formulate their products around the notion of choosing reusable bags over disposable bags. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, “Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, which require 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture”. In addition, “plastic bags are used for an average of only 12 minutes”. By choosing reusable bags, we can help to reduce our impact and make a positive change for our environment.

But why BAGGU bags? Why not just any reusable bag? While really any reusable bag is preferable, BAGGU’s best-selling reusable bags are made of recycled ripstop nylon, so the bags themselves are made in an effort to be environmentally sustainable! Additionally, these bags can fold into a flat pouch for easy travel, and hold up to 50 lbs. Their bags come in a wide variety, not limited to, but including the classic reusable bags, totes, fanny packs, pouches, cases, travel bags, and more. They also more recently released environmentally sustainable masks to help with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their website includes a bit more about their stance on sustainability, stating that their efforts are “focused on the elimination and minimization of waste in our operations and production processes”. Although they have access to limited resources as a small company, they continue to grow and attempt to address sustainability in a more holistic sense, which they do through their Sustainability Team. Constantly striving to be the best possible for the environment, BAGGU strives to design for longevity, include minimal waste in their design, and use as few materials as possible. They even phased leather out of their line in 2020 to create an all-vegan brand. Additionally, they are very cautious about their manufacturing practices and even have a 'No Incineration' policy to responsibly manage their deadstock products.

So now that we know how amazing BAGGU is at being sustainable, I want to share some of my favorite products with you all. My first-ever tote from them was the Duck Bag, which is a recycled cotton canvas tote that I bring with me everywhere. They have so many fun colors and patterns to choose from and offer a horizontal version of the product as well for a different variation in shape. The Standard Baggu is also a favorite of mine due to its lightness, ability to carry all my groceries, and is also machine washable. This bag comes in even more fun colors and patterns than the previous one!

Some other accessories that I love are their masks. They come in both an ear loop and a tie style, and adult and children sizing. Each pack of three has a fun array of colors and patterns, is made of 100% organic quilter’s cotton, and had a double-layered construction. These seriously are my new go-to for masks, as they fit and protect better than any other mask I have worn.

I hope that my raving about BAGGU has already led you to the website, but if you haven’t found your way there yet, then I have it linked below. Also, they are currently offering 25 percent off their reusable bag collection and their deadstock collection for earth day with the code “EARTHDAY” at checkout if you need another reason to go get their sustainable products. Happy Earth Day and remember to shop sustainably!

Kate Davis

Northwestern '24

Kate is a Sophomore at Northwestern University studying Communications and Sociology. Her favorite things to do in her free time are being with her friends, listening to new playlists, making TikToks, and online shopping. When she is not writing for HC, you can find her trying out new study spots around campus or hanging out with her sorority sisters
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