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Meet Asher Goldman: Ski Team Cutie

Name: Asher Goldman
Hometown: Marblehead, Massachusetts 
Birthday: July 25, 1994 
Major: Environmental Engineering 
Relationship Status: Tinder savant 
What are you involved with on campus?
Let’s see, I’m in Sigma Chi and I’m on the Ski and Snowboard racing team. I’m on Ski Trip Exec. I’m a tour guide. I’m on the northwestern sustainability fund’s PR committee. I guess that’s it.
What made you want to participate in ski trip and be on the ski team?
1997. I started skiing when I was three and then I switched to snowboarding when I was nine so I’ve been snowboarding for ten years now. It’s always been something I really enjoyed, you know, being outside and being on the mountain.  I actually never raced before I came to school but my older brother’s on the ski team too so I knew a bit about it and I tried out and they foolishly took me. I convinced them I was way cooler than I am.  And then for Ski Trip…I went on Ski Trip last year because pretty much everyone on ski team goes and we were at the concert that we have every year and I was hanging out with Conor Driscoll. We tried to get into the VIP section, which is supposed to just be the exec board and their friends.  And Conor just walks right in and the bouncer doesn’t question anything because it’s Conor. But, I tried to do the exact same thing and he’s like “woah woah woah.” So, I thought it would be really convenient to be on exec, and I wouldn’t have to sneak into these thing. I interviewed. Well, I guess I impressed them enough to put me on the board.
What are your pet peeves?
When people say that NSYNC is better than the Backstreet Boys. Because they’re not. And when people complain about Northwestern.  I think people love to complain about stuff. But, realistically, like, this school rocks. 
What qualities do you look for in a girl?
Definitely outgoing, a little bit of crazy and a lota bit of weird. I like to hold myself to a lofty standard of weirdness. So, someone who can kind of keep up with that weirdness and for the most part, exceed it. That’s what I’m looking for. 
What’s one thing nobody knows about you?
I occasionally give myself longing looks in the mirror just to see how it goes. …the lip bite and the eyebrow raise…you know…that move works like 80% of the time. 
What’s your idea for a perfect date? 
I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot and not too cold. But actually, something active, something out there and out of your comfort zone.  There was a man date I went on with a buddy this summer and we went to the Art Institute of Chicago. I know only girls read this website, but it’s a great place to pick up girls because it’s in the city and girls are gorgeous there. I mean, it might work the other way too.  But, I’d never just gone to an art museum and walked around.  And then we went to a free concert in Millennium Park.  So that back-to-back sequence of things I’d never done before was awesome.  Something like that, when you’re doing something for the first time would be a perfect date for me. 
Words to live by?
As a great American author once wrote…”La da di da di we like to party.” 
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