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Meet Andrew Zessar: AEPi Philanthropist and Boston Marathon Runner!

Name: Andrew Zessar

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Highland Park, Ill.

Major: MMSS and Econ

What are the AEPi Dog Days?
Dog Days is a way of life. No, just kidding. I’m not that crazy, but in all seriousness, Dog Days is one of the best times of the year. It’s a big week-long philanthropy event where the brothers of AEPi go nuts, selling hot dogs and other foods all over campus to raise money for Sharsheret, a fantastic organization that helps women and their families coping with breast cancer. We grill and sell daily outside Ford, The Rock, and Kellogg, and more often than not, there is a delivery option available.
What role do you play in the event?
I am the official Dog Days Chairman, or less formally, the Dog Days Czar. I am responsible for overseeing all operations, including monetary donations, food donations, and making sure we sufficiently clog your news feed.
What else are you involved in on campus?
On campus outside of AEPi, I am a new member of Tamid, the Israeli investment group, and I contribute (less than I should) to some campus publications like Sherman Ave.
I saw that you recently ran the Boston Marathon. What lead you to sign up?
Honestly, I’m one of those geeks that just loves to run. I picked it up two years ago, and at this point, I go through withdrawal if I go two days without a good run. Having completed the Chicago Marathon twice as well, I thought this would be another unforgettable accomplishment to check off my bucket list, and even better, it was for a good cause. I ran for Team JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.
What was the training process like?
Like I said, this was my third marathon, so training wasn’t as scary as it was the first time. Besides getting through the big 15-20 milers in the months leading up, I look forward to the runs on my normal route, which are mainly north on Sheridan Road.
How did the race go?
The whole race experience was incredible. The fans at each mile were so supportive, and I only missed out on first place by one hour and 56 minutes, so maybe next year (or lifetime)! My official time was 3 hours, 54 minutes, which was my second best finish out of my three, but this race was definitely the hardest, as the course was much hillier than Chicago. Mile 20 includes the infamous “Heartbreak Hill”, which is a half-mile long upward incline, and I made it clear to myself that if I could conquer that, then it would be smooth sailing to the finish. Ultimately, I made it through Heartbreak, but the last six miles were anything but smooth.
Thank you, and remember: Eat hot dogs; fight cancer.


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