Madame Mackenzie

The future is a mystery — until now! Madame Mackenzie is here to answer all of your burning questions about what fate has in store for you.

Card 1, Your Spiritual Self: The Hierophant (V), associated with Taurus, the Bull (April 21- May 21).

Card 2, Your Thoughts: The High Priestess (II), associated with the Moon.

Card 3, Your Feelings: The Emperor (IV), associated with Aries, the Ram (March 21-April 20).

Card 4, The Significator: The Star (XVII), associated with Aquarius, the Water-carrier (Jan.21-Feb. 19).

Midway through the quarter, this week’s reading emphasizes the importance of a schedule. Your spiritual self, as represented by the disciplined Hierophant, is in direct contrast with the emotional and creative Star, indicating a clash between your head and your heart.

The High Priestess, as the feminine equivalent to the Hierophant, represents wisdom as well as intuition. Trust your instincts this week, especially when dealing with others; the stress of midterms may have left you feeling drained, as indicated the authority figure of the Emperor, but resist the urge to put your friends on hold. Now more than ever, you need outside support and love.

Conversely, added stress could be the result of an unrequited crush on an authority figure. But listen to your instincts — that cute TA is not in your future. This week will be a challenge, but clearer skies are ahead!

Until next week, Wildcats.

Madame Mackenzie uses the Mary Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck and the Heart and Head Spread to divine for the discerning collegiette.