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Kavi Gupta: Club Lacrosse Player

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

Name: Kavi Gupta

Year: Junior

Major: Biology; global health minor

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Birthday: Sept. 10, 1992


When did you begin playing lacrosse and what made you interested in the sport?

I started playing in fifth grade. It was more exciting than baseball, which was during the same season.  I like that it’s a contact sport. 


Were you on a team before you came to Northwestern?

I played on a team in high school.  I played football and track in high school too.


What is your favorite part of lacrosse?

Probably that it’s fast paced, you have to be tough to play, and it’s really team oriented.


Did you always know that you wanted to continue playing lacrosse in college?

I really had no idea that there was lacrosse at Northwestern, but when I found out I thought it would be a good way to continue being part of some sort of competitive activity.  My good friend recruited me for it, and I’ve met a lot of people by doing it. 


How do you feel about club lacrosse team here?

We lost a lot of good players since I started playing as a freshman, but this year we’ve gotten a lot of really good young freshmen players, and the sophomores are also playing really well.  It’s been a good season so far.


How often does the team practice?

We usually practice two or three times a week at night, for about two hours, during the spring.  All our games are on weekends in April. 


Have there been any particularly memorable games?

Our biggest rival is Loyola because they’re so close to us. 


Are you involved in anything else on campus?

I volunteer at a children’s hospital every Sunday, through Northwestern Community Development Corps.  We go to the children’s hospital and mostly play with the kids.  Because I’m pre-med, I think it’s a really good experience.  I am also on the NU Public Health Club executive board.


Do you know what you want to do after you graduate?

I’m not sure.  I would like to spend some time being a doctor, although I’m not exactly sure what type of doctor.  I’d like to also explore doing other things with a medical degree.  I know I want to work abroad and all over the world, doing things that are either related to medicine and business, or medicine and humanitarian work.  This summer, I’m studying abroad in Chile for global health.


Do you want to continue playing lacrosse after you graduate?

I would like to continue playing lacrosse.  It’s tough to find lacrosse teams and leagues, especially out in the midwest, so it depends where I end up.