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When Kacey Musgraves won the Grammy for Album of the Year, many people were shocked, including Musgraves herself!

While many questioned how Musgraves won, her fans celebrated her accomplishment. A country singer had not secured album of the year since Taylor Swift won for Fearless in 2010. I’m here to say that I hate country music, but I absolutely love Musgrave’s album Golden Hour! The clever lyrics and soulful ballads make this album one of the most memorable and unique of the year. Musgraves has worked to redefine the country music genre one catchy song at a time.

The artist has worked hard to redefine the somewhat conservative country music scene, making it accessible for everyone. Her song, “Follow Your Arrow,” from her album Same Trailer, Different Park, was written for the LGBTQ+ community. With lyrics like, “Make lots of noise / Kiss lots of boys / Or kiss lots of girls / If that’s what you’re into,” Musgraves shows support for a community that many country artists choose not to openly support. Even if it means her songs will not be played, she continues to defy the country stereotype.

Golden Hour is full of impactful, lyrically-clever songs that go beyond genre. Incorporating folk, pop, and even disco, Musgraves shows that country does not have to be old-fashioned, it can be fun, opinionated, and strong. From songs like “High Horse,” in which Musgraves shows her sassy, feminist side, to beautiful love songs like “Butterflies,” Golden Hour is the type of album that makes you want to drive your car down the highway at sunset with the windows down.

The album concludes with one of the most beautiful country ballads I have ever heard. In “Rainbow,” Musgraves proves why she is different than other artists. Singing to anyone who has ever felt down about themselves, Musgraves sings “There’s always been a rainbow hanging over your head.” Whether you have the winter blues, failed a final, or are just having a rough day, this song is the perfect pick me up. Her soft vocals and passionate lyrics are enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

Whether you like country music or not, give Musgraves a chance! After just a few songs, you will realize exactly why she won Album of the Year. In a confusing world full of so much hardship, sometimes we just need a simple love song or uplifting ballad. Musgraves is truly having her Golden Hour, and she deserves to shine bright.

Emily Chaiet

Northwestern '20

Emily Chaiet is a senior from Fort Lauderdale, Florida studying journalism at Northwestern University. She is also pursuing a minor in sociology and a certificate in integrated marketing communications. In her free time she likes to rewatch the Office on Netflix and go to CycleBar.