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It’s All In The Bag: A Peek Into One Collegiette’s Purse

Truthfully, on most days, I can be seen with some version of a cross-body purseslung over my shoulder carrying only my wallet, keys and phone. Over spring break, however, I purchased a tote for class, which was a stylish update to my dull backpack. I suddenly have so many more things I can carry around with me. Here’s a peek inside the organized chaos that ensues inside my purse!

1. This gorgeous cream/beige tote with gold hardware was a steal from TJMaxx for only $24. The quilted pattern lets me pretend I’m actually running around with vintage Chanel. A girl can dream, right?

2. This water bottle was another TJMaxx find that I love. The bright purple color is a must for every true Wildcat and the plastic material doesn’t give my water a funny metallic taste that I hate.

3. Most people carry around only one book to read, but not me. I have at least three books I read on rotation to match the specific mood I’m in. Right now the collection consists of Bridget Jones’s Diary to feed my chick lit guilty pleasure, The Hunger Games for obvious reasons, and America is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan when I feel the need to read something with some substance/its for my class.

4. These headphones are a godsend that I’m so scared to lose. Regular ear buds don’t work for me and I’m not really feeling the Beats by Dre set either, so these are a comfortable medium. They fit snug over my ears and stay there during my run, commute and library study time. Fingers crossed I won’t lose them!

5. It’s a pretty hideous wallet, but it does the job.

6. Last year I was all about the aviators, but ever since I saw Eclipse, I’ve been obsessed with the cat-eye sunglass trend. These are a cheap but funky pair from Forever 21 in a metallic pink/purple shade with silver stripe detailing.

7. I feel naked without my power cord, so I always have it with me. I’m obsessed with always having the brightness on my laptop at 100%, so obviously my battery dies in 0.5 seconds, so I can’t leave home without my power cord.

8. I always feel put together if I have a pair of earrings on, even if I’m just in shorts and a t-shirt, so I make sure I have a spare pair in case something happens. These bright magenta hoops are a gift to myself from a trip to King Street in Charleston, SC, #myfavoriteplaceintheworld.
9. Just a clever assortment of colorful Sharpies, highlighters and a variety of pens that may or may not have ink.
10. I lose phones like it’s my job. I think the count is up to eight right now. In one of my few success stories, my phone spent two nights under the snow during a storm…and it still worked. This particular one, though, has been around for a while. Knock on wood.
11. To make my quick touch-ups during the day I use Maybelline’s The Colossal Volume ExpressMascara (its never clumpy and makes my eyes look HUGE), Covergirl’s Cheekers Blushin Pretty Peach and Wetn’Wild’s Silk Finish Lipstickin Copper Dust (my go-to red shade). I also throw in a Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. The “Fresh Picked Apples” scent smells ridiculously genuine and always turns a few heads.
12. It’s my life.

13. A charming graduation gift, the Southern paisley pattern on this notebook is a perfect reminder of home. The monogram is cute but also functions as a great way for me to remember not to forget it somewhere.

14. My flashcards are a staple for my commute between Chicago and the Evanston campus. Right now I’m studying medical Spanish terms. #Nerdwestern!

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