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The Internet’s Best Reactions to Election 2016

So, the Election was last week. It happened. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting and waiting for this horrific campaign to finally be over, but now that the results are in YOU ONLY WISH IT WAS STILL GOING ON BECAUSE OH MY GOD THE ENDING SUCKS. While I (along with Dems across the nation) wallowed in the wake of Hillary’s devastating defeat, there was one group of citizens hard at work after the Election: the Internet. This article is a tribute to all of the sub-reddit contributors, trolls, improv comedians, and meme creators who managed to bring a little light back into 2016. Here’s to you, Internet. 


And now I present to you, the Internet’s Best Reactions to Election 2016….

1. The Biden Plotting Against Trump + Biden/Barack Friendship Memes

There are too many good ones to include but here are some of my favorites. 










2. The Response of the Twitterverse

Twitter came THROUGH after the Election. Here are the best of the bunch…












3. The discovery of ~young Joe Biden~

Despite it being his eighth year in office, pictures of young Joe Biden didn’t surface (and subsequently go viral) until after the election. But boy was it worth the wait. 




4. And lastly, this snapchat. 


The Election was for many a heinous and devastating rather unfortunate outcome, but even when the world is going up in flames in the worst of times, we can always count on the Internet to come through.  #Internet2020




**These opinions are my own. 

**Images from Google, Buzzfeed, & Twitter!

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