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Indie-Pendence Strikes a Chord

Morgan Hecht is a rockstar. 

This Tuesday, Israeli Independence Day, she celebrated by putting on a concert with a grant from Hillel. The show, at 27 Live, featured bands Nebula (winner of Northwestern’s Battle of the Bands who performed at Dance Marathon this March), Shiloh, and AyOh. Oh, and she got them to perform for free. 

While the show started a bit later than expected, from the second Hecht took the stage it was clear that the audience, who filled up the comfortable venue quite nicely, was there to support their friend, Pi Beta Phi sister, and fellow Hillel member. And after some remarks, and a few cat calls, the show got started.

Nebula, a Northwestern student band, seemed to be an audience favorite, as students clustered around the stage. Their cover of “One Day,” by Matisyahu, was the highlight, but their original music also had the audience dancing. 

Then, the show’s emcees took the stage. Izzy Garcia and Natalie Rotter-Laitman entertained the crowd with their chemistry and bubbly personalities. In celebrating Israel’s birthday, they listed their favorite things about the country, including the Red Sea and hummus, undoubtably causing some audience members to ask to see a menu (which they did have by the way, along with drinks for the over-21 crowd of Northwestern upper classmen and seemingly middle-aged regulars). 

While Shiloh and AyOh weren’t as widely recieved as Northwestern’s own Nebula, the show was a success and a fun distraction from an otherwise average Tuesday night.

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