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I Tried The DivaCup, and Here's What Happened

Last week was my dreaded ~time of the month~ and I decided to switch up my regular repertoire and give the DivaCup a try. I’ve always heard a lot of positive things about the little contraption, so I was curious to see for myself what it feels like and how it works.

The DivaCup website advertises the cup as “revolutionary”—it’s changing the period game. The company was founded by a mother-daughter duo who wanted to transform how women cope with periods. It can be hard for us—pads are forever going to feel like adult diapers, tampons have a time limit and personally, I’ll always fear Toxic Shock Syndrome. There aren’t many options that don’t make me feel gross, but the DivaCup had a totally different approach. There are three different sizes you choose from based on your age, so you can make sure you’ll get one that fits your body.

My experience with the cup was tumultuous at first, but I eventually got the hang of it. They provide some very detailed instructions in the box and on the website, just in case you are struggling with how to properly insert the cup. They teach you how to “fold” the cup in two different ways as to prevent an uncomfortable insertion process. It was super helpful. When you’re faced with this rubbery funnel thing, it can be intimidating. For the first time, I would recommend getting the DivaCup website open on your phone before you attempt it. They even have graphics and videos that walk you through step by step. Make sure you wash your hands before even picking up the cup!

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I’d say the tricky part for me, without getting too detailed here, was trying to remove the cup after it had been in for twelve hours without spilling the contents on my grass rug. It’s quite a balancing act to make sure you keep the cup completely upright as you’re working. If you are stressed about this whole process, take some deep breaths. That stress can cause tension, which just makes it even harder and more uncomfortable to remove. I recommend sitting down on a chair of some sort, because it allows your legs and midsection to relax a bit as you try to remove the cup. It can also help to put one leg up on a chair and have the other on the ground to get a bit of a different angle. In the end, it doesn’t matter how to have to do it, as long as it comes out and you’re comfortable.

DivaCup promotion Jenna Spray

Overall, I had a really positive experience with the DivaCup. I love that it prevents so much menstruation-related waste, and it’s easy to travel with (no need to pack a full box of tampons for that trip!). It was also super easy to clean, and, unlike I had originally thought, wearing it didn’t make me feel dirty at all. The DivaCup is a great option if you are tired of the traditional methods or if you’re hoping to find a more sustainable alternative!