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Hunger Games Fashion How-To

The Hunger Games hardly need an introduction. The movie has swept the nation, easily topping all the Twilight premieres in their first week at the box office. The book series is the new “it-read” for guys and girls alike. This past week, I found myself engaged in at least three serious conversations about the thematic elements and metaphors found in the books. HC is here to feed your obsession. Taking inspiration from the movie, we’ve created outfits that best reflect some of the most important scenes in the movie. Good luck in your styling, and may the odds ever be in your favor. (Sorry, but I had to slip it in somewhere!)

Training Sessions

Photo Credit: perezhilton.com

In preparation for the Hunger Games arena, the tributes are given time and space to prepare for whatever may be hurled at them. While tempers flare and fierce divisions are created between the weak and strong, all tributes are equal in one term- fashion. Each tribute sports a sleek workout set that aides in their agility and movement while running, shooting arrows, throwing massive weights…the typical workout.

HeadbandShoes, Leggings, Bag, Sweatshirt
You can turn this into a typical outfit for the day. While this particular outfit may not be best suited for an intense workout, it is great for rolling out of bed and into class or running errands on a Sunday afternoon. The roomy tote can haul around an assortment of textbooks or groceries, and the sparkly headband adds a bit of flair to the causal outfit that can be put together with minimal effort on your part. 

The Girl on Fire

Photo Credit: perezhilton.com

This was most likely Katniss’s greatest fashion moment if it were to be splattered across a fashion tabloid. Running with Cinna’s theme, she emerges in a flaming red one shoulder organza piece that actually has flames. District 12 was represented with more character and life than ever before. 

Shoes, Pins, Dress, Nail Ring, Nail Polish
You can add some heat to the dance floor as well, without the pyro help. The stunning cut-out on this dress makes up for the lack of actual fire- and is a lot safer. An edgy nail ring keeps that spark and roughness alive, perfected with the glittery gold of your pumps and nails. Wrap your hair up in a stylish up-do, and secure it with feathered pins (…Mockingjay reference) and you’re out the door!

District 12

Photo Credit: perezhilton.com
On a typical day at District 12, Katniss and Gale could easily be found lost in the forest hunting and finally at some kind of peace away from the town. It’s here in the forest where Katniss feels free to be completely herself. She’s come to love it so much it shows in her clothing- the dark tones in her outfit emulate the shades and hues of the wilderness, allowing her to blend in even more to her habitat.

Jacket, Tank Top, Skirt, Bracelet, Shoes, Earrings
We gained inspiration from the colors of Katniss’s clothing, but we also added a bit of spring touch to our outfit. Replacing the pants with a maxi skirt retains the earthy, boho vibe in a much cooler (literally) way for spring and the side slit keeps it very trendy. Since you don’t have to trapeze through the forest with a bow and arrow, you can wear heels, and these wedges are a great transition piece form the ankle booties you’ve been sporting all winter. Finish off with a tough yet feminine moto jacket in a natural hue of cream and you’re all set.

The Reaping

Photo Credit: static.wetpaint.me
The most ominous day of the year in the Districts is the day of The Reaping. On this day, two tributes from ages 12-18 are selected from each District to participate in the Hunger Games. The children all line up after having showered, dressed in the best clothing they have. Despite their effort put into looking their best for the affair, this is hardly a celebratory occasion for the children.

Purse, Shoes, Dress,Headband, Watch
Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be the same for us. Taking a note from outfits we saw worn to the Reaping, you can incorporate the very girly and minimalistic vibe in your own wardrobe, but with a modern twist. Accessorize a dainty shirtdress with classic pieces, like a pair of oxfords, a gold watch and a headband all combined to showcase a clean and streamlined silhouette, with a much happier ending. 

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