How to Watch Scary Movies if You Hate Being Scared

Though Get Out isn't actually a scary movie, it made us all obsessed with Jordan Peele's creative genius. When the trailer for Us dropped, all of us lost our minds over our queen Lupita Nyong'o. Finally, there is a horror movie with a black family! The only problem is if you were that kid who had to sleep with a nightlight because you were scared of the dark, then you definitely don't like horror movies.  Watching Us or any scary movie that everyone is raving about can be a conflict of interest for those of us who are scared of literally everything. But one fear you also don't want to add to your list is FOMO (fear of missing out), so here are some tips to help you watch the latest popular horror film. 

  1. 1. Bring a Movie Buddy

    Whether it's your date or your best friend, it's always good to have some company. You can use their arm to hold onto when you’re scared or bury your face into their shoulder as soon as you hear the ear wrenching, out of tune music blasting from the scene. Having someone to cuddle is the best way to convince your brain that you’re safe.

  2. 2. Watch the Movie During the Day

    The worst feeling ever is walking out of the movie theaters into the pitch-black night. Darkness adds a sense of mystery and fear because our vision isn't as clear. The horror movie franchise has picked up on our fear of the dark, which is why the scariest scenes happen at night. If you watch the movie during the day, then there is less risk that every sudden rustle in the bushes or shadow will freak you out.

  3. 3. Bring an Extra Layer 

    Movie theaters tend to be super cold! When you are watching something scary, you are probably going to get sudden chills. If you have a jacket you can put it on when you start to get goose bumps our use it as a blanket to shield your eyes when your friend is annoyed at you for grabbing them too much. 

  4. 4. Skip the Large ICEE

    As great as they taste, you might regret getting this drink later. If you are a film or English major or just love to analyze everything, you know that you can't go to the bathroom during the movie or else you might miss a very important piece of the puzzle. Our brain's frontal lobes lose control of our bladders when we react to extreme fear, so holding in your pee and trying to anticipate the next jump scare might not be the best idea. If you want the full movie experience, get a small drink and don't chug the entire thing in the first 20 minutes to avoid what could be the most embarrassing moment of your life later on.

  5. 5. Eat Snacks

    When you're scared, your body tends to tense up in an uncomfortable way. To loosen up a little, grab a handful of popcorn or pull out the snacks from your pocket that you snuck into the theater. If you don't get a huge lump in your throat when you're scared, then you're blessed. If you're like the rest of us, then you know how annoying that feels. Eating something can distract you from some of your body's reactions to fear or at least relax you a little.

  6. 6. Watch the Explanation YouTube Videos With a Friend

    Movies like Us have a lot to unpack after you watch the movie. Luckily for the internet, many people have already done this for you. The explanation videos are equally satisfying as they are scary, because the more you understand the movie the more terrifying it becomes. Pro-tip: Watch the videos on your friend’s computer so you don’t constantly have other scary videos pop up in your recommended section.

  7. 7. Watch Something Funny After 

    Our brain works in weird ways. When we're scared, our brains love to randomly remind us of the things that just scared us. To help get your mind off of the movie, watch a funny movie or TV show after. If you can get some laughs out, hopefully your mind won't try to play games with you when you're trying to fall asleep.

  8. 8. Have Your Favorite Playlist Ready

    When you go to sleep especially, your mind starts to focus on your fears. Listen to some upbeat songs so you aren't thinking about what scared you in the movie. The more you can distract yourself with positive thoughts, the more likely you are to forget about the movie or just be less scared. Silence can be the worst when you're alone and have time to reflect on the movie.  

Watch horror movies if you want, but just know that there are plenty of other genres out there. If you're scared of everything but really want to watch the latest scary movie, then just know that you'll probably stop being scared after a couple of days. But hopefully, these tips will shorten the process. Apparently, Get Out and Us are only two of six horror movies Jordan Peele has planned, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice these tips in the future.