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How To: Navigating Valentine’s Day 2022

The first day of February rolls around – you know what that means. The dreaded “V-Day” is approaching, and suddenly everyone around you seems to be falling in love, finding a significant other or even simply developing a crush.

As I have spent time with the supportive, driven and amazing friends I’ve met here at Northwestern, I have come to realize that this holiday does not need to be the romantic, whirlwind, fairytale drama that every rom-com seems to make it out to be. I am looking forward to spending my Valentine’s Day working on self-care, becoming closer with my girlfriends and doing wholesome activities that make me happy. Whether you are single, taken, in a long-distance relationship, just went through a recent breakup, or are in any form of a “situationship,” Valentine’s Day should be celebrated for everyone. So, let me introduce you to my guide to achieving a self-love holiday of celebration.

Treat yourself.

Everyone deserves to be treated as the royalty they are. That one pair of shoes you have had your eye on the past few months but have not had the guts to actually purchase them? Buy the shoes, you have earned it. That nail salon down the street? Go get that mani-pedi and show yourself some appreciation! There is no better form of love than self-love – even if it means a little money comes out of your pocket, it is well worth it to dedicate a day to splurge on YOU.

Create a vision.

Utilize this day to set your goals for the upcoming year. Mark your calendar for possible dates to travel to all of those places you have dreamed of visiting, hop on Pinterest and gather your spring style inspirations, make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish in the future. The world is your oyster – set your mind to something and you WILL achieve it.

Reach out to loved ones.

While Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the “day of love,” it can also be quite lonely. Send out a text or give a quick call to the special people in your life – reaching out to others can easily make someone’s day and it will certainly brighten your own.

Show kindness.

Sometimes an act of kindness can transform your mindset. Offer to buy coffee for the person standing next to you at Starbucks, donate to a cause that is important to you or simply help the stranger next to you pick up their books they dropped. Doing something for others will make you feel happier inside, too :)

Have a Galentine’s Day celebration.

Grab a few of your favorite gals and celebrate with each other! Bake a heart-shaped cake, make a charcuterie board, create a fancy pink drink, turn on Taylor Swift, find a new DIY craft and spend some time chatting the night away!

Remember, Valentine’s Day is just a day.

It is really just a day – do not put pressure on yourself about not having “the perfect plan.” If you do things that make YOU happy, you will absolutely navigate this dreaded “V-Day” and hopefully find yourself even enjoying it!

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Jane Bachus

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Jane Bachus is a first-year student from the south suburbs of Chicago studying Journalism at Northwestern University. For fun, Jane likes to bake (especially cookies), organize/clean things and go on adventures outside!
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