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How to hack your winter wardrobe for spring 2022

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Northwestern chapter.

Evanston spring is officially in full swing, meaning it’s finally time to bust out all of the fun florals and cutesy pastels that have been patiently waiting in the back of your closet. If you are anything like me, though, dressing for spring can be harder than it seems — with temps averaging a chilly 50 degrees and rain being a daily occurrence, dressing cute is a struggle. 

Because Evanston is freezing cold 90 percent of the time, 90 percent of my wardrobe has become winter clothes. But what is a girl to do with wool sweaters, fleeces, long sleeve shirts and thick socks in May? Just because something is meant for winter doesn’t mean that it can’t make the cutest spring statement piece. If this wacky weather has left you clueless, you are in luck! These quick fixes are a foolproof way to give some new life to that closest full of cold weather clothes of yours.

Biker shorts are your new best friend

I know that I am not the only one with an abundance of sweatshirts, and this quick and comfy outfit idea will have you looking cute and classy for any casual occasion. Channel your inner princess Diana by pairing your fave oversized sweatshirt or winter fleece with a pair of biker shorts and sneakers for a sporty look. Bonus points if you add a pair of trendy sunglasses! This is a perfect way to give new life to old favorites. Don’t be afraid to spice it up with some colorful or patterned biker shorts — the sky is the limit with this fit!

Socks and sandals (but make it cute!)

I know what you’re thinking. Socks and sandals are reserved for dads. But when paired with a cute pair of platform sandals they can be a super trendy way to show off those cute winter socks during the off-season! The best part about it; you can pair the combo with almost anything! Long skirts, sundresses and jean shorts are all great options. 

Trade that knit scarf for a silk one

Give the word scarf a whole new meaning this spring with silk scarves! They can be tied so many ways and come in so many fun, floral patterns that they make the perfect top for a night out. Not into wearing them as shirts? They also make the cutest belts and headbands. 

Unbutton that button-down shirt

Lounging on the Lakefill and hanging at the beach season is finally upon us, and the perfect way to stay warm on a slightly breezy day is to throw on that button-down you have laying around over any tank top or bathing suit. Evanston weather is unpredictable. No matter how sunny it is outside, layers are always a must.

Having fun with spring style doesn’t have to mean spending money on new clothes. In fact, your best, spring-worthy looks could be in your closet right now, just waiting to be discovered. Now go get styling before it’s too hot and time for summer outfits!

Alex Karr

Northwestern '25

Alex is a first-year student from San Francisco, CA studying Journalism at Northwestern University. In her free time Alex likes doing arts and crafts, hanging with friends and family, dancing and taking her dog Simba on long walks.