How to Spread Some #GirlLove

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the YouTube scene, Lily Singh is known by her over 11 million subscribers as IISuperwomanII. In fitting with her screen name, the Canadian YouTube star has chosen to use her powers for good by creating the #GirlLove campaign to fight girl-on-girl hate, and we are all here for it!

Since late December of 2015, when she uploaded her first #GirlLove video on YouTube, Singh has collaborated with several fellow YouTubers and celebrities — including Zendaya, Tia Mowry and Victoria Justice — to encourage positivity and love between women. What started out as a simple hashtag for women to spread as they complimented one another on Twitter and across social media has since erupted into a campaign for women all across the world to support one another in their endeavors.

As a gender, we have constantly been pitted against one another by media and society and made to feel inferior if we do not live up to an unrealistic expectation of beauty, or made to feel weak if we are not willing to step on one another to achieve our goals. Singh’s #GirlLove campaign seeks to crush this ideology and make it a thing of the past. To spread girl love is to stand up for your beliefs, speak out about issues you think are important, embrace who you are and come together with your fellow woman so that all of your voices can be heard.

Most importantly, Singh is currently focusing her efforts of bringing this #GirlLove to girls in Kenya, namely by making sure all girls in Kenya have access to education. In partnership with WE villages, the #GirlLove movement is selling Rafiki friendship bracelets to collect donations in support of this goal. Not only are the bracelets cute, but they help to spread the love to women worldwide.

Most recently, Singh uploaded her #BraToss challenge video, challenging women to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month by tossing their bras in “support” of specific women or communities and tagging other women to participate. If you’re interested in the challenge, just make a video of yourself tossing your bra in support of an organization or woman you care about and challenge your friends to do the same!

So if all of this sounds like what you believe in, why not take the pledge and join the #GirlLove movement. “Let’s pledge to end girl-on-girl hate so we can come together and make an impact — because the world needs more Girl Love.”

Images: YouTube/Superwoman