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How to Raise Money for DM (Without Bugging Your Long-Distance Relatives)

Dance Marathon is quickly approaching and after all usual methods of fundraising have been exhausted (reaching out to parents, relatives and that family you babysat for once freshman year of high school), it is time to turn to some alternative methods to raise money and support DM. 

Photo by Northwestern University Dance Marathon

1. Driving friends to the DeuceOn Thursday night, which is conveniently tonight, drive groups to the Deuce for a reduced rate than typical cabs would charge. Drive your own car or borrow a friend’s. So many students head to the Mark II Lounge but can’t get a cab, so this method has the potential to raise you a good deal of money. Plus, you will save yourself that Friday morning hangover and who doesn’t want that? 

Photo by Planet99.com

2. Dog walkingIn the winter, most owners do not enjoy walking their dog in the cold snowy weather, so sign up on JobCat and offer to walk dogs! The site will link you to Evanston dog owners who are looking for walkers. You can set up your own rate based on number of dogs or hours walked.  This method is a great way to control your pricing while also getting some bonding time with cute puppies.

3. Study guides for midterms or finalsPrepare study guides for classes you are in and offer to sell them to classmates. Most teachers will be super helpful with this and I can personally swear that I would be willing to buy a study guide for my Cognitive Psychology class… (Does anyone know what sortals are?)

4. Makeovers 

With so many formals, date nights and crush parties happening, provide a makeover service to your friends.  Whatever your best skill, makeup, hair or styling, help your friends get ready for their big event so they don’t have to go to a salon!

5. Date auctionGather up your sorority sisters or Club soccer teammates and put on a date auction!  It’s a fun way to meet new people and raise money. If you’re single, maybe you’ll even find your special someone! 

Photo by Creative Commons 

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