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How to Make Halloween Work All Day

Yeah, it’s true, Halloween is focused mainly on nightlife and parties. We get it- everyone loves pretending to be someone they aren’t and being able to dress in a way that they normally wouldn’t, but just because the heart of Halloween is in the costume doesn’t mean that the spooky holiday needs to be lost on the rest of the day. Here are some festive yet still cute and (somewhat) normal ideas to keep your Halloween spirit up all day long so you’re ready for your real costume at night.

If you’re looking for daytime Halloween style that is slightly reminiscent of the costume you’ve been planning for parties, try one of these looks that will remind your friends what day it is without wondering why you wore your costume to class.


Modern Mummy

These edgy, yet still wearable, destroyed black jeans from Urban Outfitters are a perfect accent for an outfit that is slightly spooky and strange. Pair them with a simple grey sweater and these awesome metallic Doc Mertens and you’ll be comfortable and spirited. For some added accents, grab some Halloween-inspired earrings of your choice, a simple black beanie, and even some colorful Halloween socks, like these from Top Shop to complete your look.


Everyday Vampire

Vampires, as I think we’ve all noticed, have been very in in recent years. And hey- even if you scoff at Twilight, don’t pretend you aren’t secretly a fan of The Vampire Diaries or True Blood. Because of its pop-culture relevance, the vampire trend is back in full force at Halloween and you can even rock a little vamp spirit in your daytime look. Pair a black leather skater skirt with this simple red velvet crop top from Urban Outfitters as your basics and add accessories! These spooky tights from Top Shop, a black and red choker, and your favorite black boots are all musts, and try adding other red accents, like a purse, to tie the look together.


Spider-web Chic

If you’re going for something a little subtler, try this outfit that gives a nod to our favorite creepy Halloween creature. Start with this unique, open-backed sweater from Urban Outfitters, which totally looks like a spider-web but could be rocked with any normal outfit. Pair it with some dark skinny jeans and black studded boots too keep it simple and show off your sweater. Add some festive Halloween earrings, like these dangly skulls and an orange tote bag for your books to add that pop of Halloween color.


Wearable Witch

If you’re into this classic Halloween costume, don’t worry- you can still rock a witchy look all day without a hat or broomstick. Start with any spooky tee, like this red muscle shirt from Urban Outfitters, and match it with this black velvet skirt from Top Shop. With these awesome red and black booties from Urban Outfitters that you’ll want in your closet every day, some cute jewelry and a black jacket, you’ll be ready to rock the witch look all day long.


Skeleton in Style

If you’re up for the challenge, and a lot of winter whites, try dressing as a toned down version of a skeleton to show your spirit. Start with a long white pencil skirt and a skeleton graphic tee or tank, which you can find just about anywhere this time of year, and pair them with these white Doc Marten oxfords . Add some festive skull earrings, like these from Urban Outfitters, and you’re ready for your Halloween party after your classes with only a minor outfit change.

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