How to Fight the Post-Holiday Winter Blues

So, it's January. Lots of exciting things are happening – it's a new year, you may have some fun resolutions, and maybe you're pumped to start a fresh new quarter at school. However, it's also kind of sad! The most magical time of year is over, and we're coming off a five-month-high of having a new holiday to look forward to just about every single month. It can be a bit of a depressing time, and sometimes it's hard to feel like there's anything to get excited for. Here are a few small things you can do to keep some excitement in your life, and to take advantage of the winter season for more than just the holidays it brings!

1. Drink a Warm Beverage

Never underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate. If you can spare it, try taking a half hour or so to just sit, drink a warm beverage and watch a good movie or maybe even the snow outside your window. Winter is often much easier to appreciate when you're not bustling around outside in the cold and can enjoy it at a comfortable temperature. If you're feeling extra adventurous, try a homemade hot chocolate or latte recipe!

2. Try a New Winter Activity

Winter gets so intertwined with activities like Christmas markets, holiday light display, and tree lightings with peppermint hot cocoa. With the holidays over, it can feel like there's no longer readily available activities to fill your free time – but that's certainly not the case! You can find an ice rink in just about every town, or a snowman-building contest in your local park. Plus, a walk through the zoo or other outdoor public area can be just as magical in the snow even without the holiday lights! Also, check your local news source for events happening near you – I bet you there's more out there than you think.

3. Host a Get-Together

The holidays often mean a constant stream of parties and get-togethers, themed all the way from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Kwanza, Hanukkah or Christmas. If you're an introvert, you may be thinking "thank gosh that's over!" But if that's something you've gotten used to and enjoyed, don't let January stop you from inviting the people you care about to your home! I haven't hosted a party since Halloween and am having one next week for no good reason – just because I can and I enjoy my friends' company no matter what time of year. 

4. Crafts

Maybe the part of winter that gets to you is the cold weather and snow. If you're the type that prefers to stay inside at all costs, don't fret! There's plenty to keep occupied besides the inevitable homework and constant stream of Netflix. If you don't already have a hobby like crocheting, needlepoint or puzzles, now is a perfect time to pick one up! Most projects can be started with supplies from the craft store for under $10, and if you're really committed to being a homebody there's always Amazon. 

5. Don't Worry... Spring is Coming

Finally, don't worry. The winter blues are REAL and for those days when it feels like the weather will never be warm and the sun will never come back, just remember it will!! In Chicago spring comes a bit later, but it does always come. Maybe while you're crafting you can make a cute countdown to spring calendar to make the cold days a bit more bearable.