How to Achieve the Absolute Greatest Glitter Cheeks

With festival season in full swing, thoughts on the perfect festival look are circulating. Perhaps you’ll turn to celebrities for outfit inspiration, scouring Instagram for the perfect look. Maybe you’ll read dozens of Her Campus articles trying to get backward French party braids (Dutch braids, anyone?) just right, or the ironic-but-cute Miley Cyrus reminiscent space buns on top of your head. One thing’s for certain, though: it's hard to find a festival look that doesn’t look good with glitter cheeks. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1:

Cleanse and moisturize skin before starting. Apply your makeup as dramatically or minimally as you would like, although, in my personal opinion, glitter goes best with the dramatic side.

Step 2:

Gather your glittering supplies. Body glitter is safest if your skin is sensitive, but craft store glitter works just fine, too. You’ll also need either hairspray or eyeshadow primer. Hairspray will keep the glitter on far longer and won’t come off if you brush your face, but it's harder to take off at the end of the night, and makes some people break out more so than eye shadow primer. Lastly, you’ll need some sort of surface to pour a bit of glitter out onto. Jewelry dishes are absolutely great for this, but a paper plate or even your bathroom counter will do if you don’t mind a glittery bathroom.

Step 3:

Dump some of your preferred glitter onto your glitter receptacle. Then, use the hairspray or eye shadow primer to create a relative outline of the shape you want to create on your face. The best strategy for this is to spray a bit of hairspray or put primer on your finger, and then draw the shape directly onto your face by wiping it onto your cheekbones, mirroring the space you would use highlighter on.

Step 4:

Dip a finger that you didn’t put the hairspray on into the glitter immediately, and gently pat the glitter onto your check before the hairspray dries. You might have to repeat this a few times. After you’ve achieved your desired shape, use your fingernails to scrape off the leftover glitter pieces around the edges. Here’s a picture of one of my own recent glitter-y looks for reference.

Step 5:

Glitter everything else you want to.