Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys in Your Life

Between brothers, dads, boyfriends and guy friends, there are so many men in our lives that require gifts this holiday season. Although they claim that women are a mystery, let’s be honest: it can be insanely frustrating to pick out the perfect present for a member of the male species. To make this holiday season a little bit easier, I’ve compiled a list of no-fail gifts that are sure to please almost any guy, from your pesky little brother to your tough-guy great-uncle.

Technology: Fact: Dudes love technology. Keep his favorite gadgets protected with a manly iPhone case or durable tablet sleeve. A pair of good quality headphones, although a little bit pricier, can also be a great option. These Yamaha earbuds have received excellent reviews, or you could always go with Beats, if that’s your guy’s style.

Sports: This may come as a shock, but many men are sports fans. If your dad loves to golf, why not buy him a cute driver head cover, like this Chewbacca one? Or, if he’s into football, these vintage-inspired beanies will keep his ears warm and show off his team spirit at the same time. If you’re feeling really generous, look into purchasing tickets for the two of you to attend a sporting event (a million bonus points if you score Super Bowl tickets).

Music/Movies: Music- and movie-related gifts fit the bill almost 100 percent of the time, as long as you have at least a vague sense of the giftee’s personal taste. If he’s into superheroes, The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises will be much appreciated, while a comedy-lover might enjoy 21 Jump Street or The Campaign. Music-wise, his favorite band’s latest CD or, even better, tickets to see them live, will do the trick. Classic rock fans (read: your dad) will love Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball, which was recently named the number one album of 2012 by Rolling Stone. However, if you’re like me and don’t understand most boys’ music tastes, a gift card to iTunes or Spotify Premium can go a long way.

Books: My go-to gift for my dad is usually a nice best-selling hardcover, but books can be a fantastic present for boys of any age. Stephen Colbert’s latest, America Again, or new biographies of Joseph Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, Rod Stewart and Bruce Springsteen (maybe package this one with his new CD for the ultimate Springsteen fan?) are good options.

Clothing: Clothes might be the easiest present for guys: they often don’t like to shop and you know what looks good on them. A cozy sweater, new pair of sneakers, funny t-shirt or simple yet classy watch are easy to fit into any budget. Or pick out a new cologne for him: my personal favorites include Burberry Sport, Lacoste Sport and Acqua di Gio.

Miscellaneous: If none of the aforementioned ideas suit the men in your life, look into sites like Fred Flare and Uncommon Goods for quirky, affordable gifts like a brass knuckles coffee mug or “man candles.” Even more affordable, yet just as effective: a framed picture of the two of you and a platter of freshly baked cookies. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!