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The Her Campus Survival Kit Is Here and It Has Everything You Could Ever Want

Update: Her Campus Northwestern is holding a giveaway for a survival kit that includes ALL of these lovely goodies (plus more)! In order to enter, follow us on Pinterest and a winner will be picked randomly at the end of Reading Week (March 10). The Facebook event with all the info is here and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

Spring Break is fast approaching, which means finals are coming with it. Soon the library will become your permanent residence and your mother will start calling the university because she’s afraid you’re not answering because you are dead. To get through these difficult times, Her Campus has delivered the most wonderful Her Campus Survival Kit! Because our sponsers are amazing, Her Campus at Northwestern University is prepared to help you through the difficult finals season. Everything from makeup to pens are here to keep you feeling your best.

1. ActuallySheCan Success Issue

ActuallySheCan is a movement that encourages women to be strong, smart and excited for their futures. ActuallySheCan is announcing their new Mentorship Program, so hop over to their website and check out all the exclusive information they have to offer on seizing the perfect future for you!

2. Cystex tablets and BOGO coupons for an Cystex products

Urinary tract infections are the worst, so Her Campus is here to help provide us access to the #1 brand of antibacterial protection plus pain relief. This product helps you out with even the most painful of UTIs.

3. Erin Condren’s Deluxe Monthly Planners, In Bloom Sticker Sheet, and Colorful Dual-Tip Markers

Not only are these planners incredibly cute, but they will help you stay insanely organized for finals and the rest of the year. The color schemes are perfect for the upcoming spring months, and they will help you keep yourself from procrastinating until the last minute and forgetting about that important homework assignment.

The In Bloom Sticker Sheet has the perfect combination of bold colors and perfect works of art that you can stick on your laptop or notebook. These stickers are sure to brighten up your school supplies and make your day a little bit nicer.

Nothing works better with a gorgeous planner than Condren’s Colorful Dual-Tip Markers, which come in a variety of spring colors and will make your writing look like a dream. These are the perfect pretty accessories that double as functional school supplies.

4. Freeman Beauty-Travel Size Psssst! Tropical Dry Shampoo and Save $1 coupons

It is every girls struggle to wake up in the morning after a late night of studying and realize that you slept through your alarm. Now there is no time to take that shower your hair needed so so badly, and you have to literally sprint to class to not be late. Don’t worry, because Freeman Beauty has got you covered with the travel sized dry shampoo that will turn your hair from greasy and awful to revived hair that smells like you just stepped out of the shower.

5. L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes and Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion

If you are like me, being pale is a lifestyle, but nothing is better than being able to use a quick self-tanning towelette to achieve that perfect just spend the summer in Florida tan. The towelette is incredibly easy to apply (even I can do it), and dries very quickly so you can go about your busy college schedule right away. The self-tanning lotion gives that perfect glowing tan that wont rub off and looks incredibly natural.

6. Charlotte Tilbury’s Hot Lips lipstick samples in Miranda May, Kim K.W. and Electric Poppy

Charlotte Tilbury, the world’s #1 Make-Up Artist, gave Her Campus three different sets of samples of her new Hot Lips lipstick collection. These press on lipstick samples are super easy to use and have gorgeous classic colors that will look good for a night on the town and a trip to class.

7. Juicy Couture Ice Cream Cone Charm

Juicy Couture, the brand everyone has been in love with since middle school, has contributed the most adorable charm to the Her Campus Survival Kit. The lovely ice cream cone charm is cute enough that it will make you want to make that trip to Andy’s Frozen Custard, even if its still cold outside.

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

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