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The Her Campus Fall Goodies are Making Me Feel Some Type of Way

Another long-awaited Her Campus goody drop just made it to the Northwestern team. This delivery could not have come at a better time because I just ran out of my skincare products and I am coming down with a little cold, so I am thrilled to get my hands on these products. 

Keeping it Healthy 

Let’s start off simple with a good, old classic Emergen-C. Okay, thank you Her Campus for saving me a trip to the pharmacy because I am about to guzzle this down. Cold who? A little Emergen-C goes a long way in helping you through midterms (or just life). 

Keeping it Fresh

Maybe gum seems like an underrated gift to you, but I have been popping these Extra Refreshers every morning before class. Keep it minty ;)

Keeping it Clean

I’ve never used Mary Kay products before, but HC Nationals loaded us up with a full-sized skin regimen, so it’s time to give them a whirl. 

The Purifying Cleanser has a super soft and milky texture and smells delicious. This product is no joke, Mary Kay prides itself on providing customers with extremely natural products that are paraben free. Get this cleanser for $26 on Mary Kay’s website. 

I was a little skeptical of the exfoliating powder because I am so used to exfoliating scrubs. To be completely honest, I would stick to the scrubs if I were you. The powder dissolves quickly and the application is a little weird (imagine putting baking soda on your face). Sorry Mary, I’m gonna pass on this one. 

The moisturizing stick by Mary Kay is an actual godsend. This stick is the perfect size to keep in your purse or backpack and it has worked pretty well. No greasy residue is leftover and I’ve even applied it over my makeup. Definitely a product to keep on your radar for the upcoming dry winter months. 

Tag @hercampus and @hercampus_nu with your favorite fall goodies, and be on the lookout for a giveaway.

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