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Gossip Girl Ups And Downs Reviewed

In the moments immediately preceding the premiere of the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl, I felt a strange mix of emotions. Sadness, because there are only 10 episodes left. Concern, because I fretted this episode wouldn’t live up to my expectations. But mostly excitement, because of the promise that Chuck and Blair would finally end up together.

When the show started, my first question was why the writers chose to waste so much time on Serena. I liked her in the early seasons of the show, but now I just find her tired and immature. She was missing the whole summer, mirroring stunts pulled in earlier seasons, and even her own mother had no idea where she was. Lily contacts the usual group and they all come together to find her, even a reluctant Dan Humphrey came from Italy accompanied by Georgina. On a side note, I am starting to think that Dan’s hair is just a running joke between the producers of the show, because it has been getting more and more ridiculous with each passing season.

Chuck, Blair, and Nate decide to go find Serena using the directions given to Nate by Gossip Girl herself in exchange for some juicy information. Along the way, they run into Dan and Georgina, and all go about the search. They pull up to a large white house, and find Serena (or Sabrina, as she now calls herself) inside with a man named Steven, who they think she is about to marry. This turns out to be false, much like “Sabrina’s” new Midwestern personality. The group heads back to the Upper East Side, where Serena introduces Steven to her real life. She explains that she just wanted to turn her life around, instead of “waking up to paramedics on a train.”

This storyline would be confusing to new followers of the show, but to me, an avid fan since the seventh grade, Serena’s tricks just seemed old. Did she really think that she could start a new life and no one would ever find her?

In this episode, almost every character had a new twist in their love life. Nate seems to be going for extremes in the ages of the women he dates, from the middle-aged Diana to Sage, a 17-year old girl who looks to me like a mini-Vanessa. More importantly, in the first few minutes of this episode, I was actually worried that Chuck and Blair wouldn’t end up together, with Blair dating “Jean-Pierre” and Chuck dating Amira, who he met in Dubai. However, my fears were calmed when Blair pulled out that gorgeous engagement ring she wears on a chain as a necklace.

On a final note, the episode didn’t seem to be filled with as many shockers as I’d expected, other than Rufus and Ivy! I’m pretty sure I’m going to need brain bleach after seeing that, it was so out of character for Rufus to allow himself to be manipulated by the conniving Ivy!

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